Thursday, May 23, 2019

Germany: Murder trial started against 19-year-old Kenyan

Mordprozess gegen 19jährigen Kenianer eröffnet
Photo: Screenshot

The murder trial against 19-year-old Kenyan Brian S. began in Bonn/St. Augustin. The defendant is accused of suffocating 17-year-old Elma in December 2018. The BILD newspaper reports: Elma C. (17, photo) was found dead in December 2018 in an municipal accommodation for refugees and homeless people in Sankt Augustin. Resident Brian S. (19 years old) allegedly raped and suffocated her. The German Kenyan has been on trial in Bonn since Tuesday. It is unclear why the Kenyan citizen living in a refugee shelter is called a "German Kenyan", since it cannot be assumed that the accused of murder has now also been granted German citizenship in summary proceedings.

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