Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Germany: Muslim shaved his girlfriend's head bald -- he was jealous

The man, who hides his face cowardly behind a folder in the courtroom, has humiliated his ex-girlfriend out of jealousy, humiliated her, insulted her and shaved off her hair! Mustafa F. (26 y/o) must therefore answer to the Hanover Regional Court for dangerous bodily injury and deprivation of liberty. His brother Jad F., who is four years older, is also currently being tried. He is said to have done the same to his ex seven months earlier.It is unclear whether Mustafa took his brother's actions as an example. The public prosecutor's office is convinced that the German-Lebanese lured his former partner Alina (23 y/o) into his apartment in December 2018. He is said to have insulted her for her leisure activities and her contact with men. When he searched her mobile phone, the woman resisted.The prosecutor explains: "He sprayed pepper spray into her eyes from ten centimetres away." According to the prosecution, he kicked and spat at her. Then he is said to have called a buddy (24) who was also accused. The latter brought a razor and scissors. Mustafa F. asked Alina to kneel in front of him. He cut off her long hair and shaved her head bare. "Well, do you think someone wants you?" he is said to have asked mockingly. He had confessed his crime to the police, offered to pay the victim a wig. Alina, who had reported him, now refuses to testify, claims her right to refuse to testify because she is married to Mustafa F. under Islamic law. The court is now considering whether the Islamic marriage would allow her to avoid testifying. Mustafa F. is threatened with up to ten years imprisonment. His brother Jad, who was drugged during the crime, could be imprisoned for up to five years.

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