Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Germany: Planned school party cancelled because of Ramadan -- parents are foaming with rage

A school for children with learning difficulties in the Bavarian town of Aschaffenburg has cancelled a planned school festival, as many of the pupils are currently celebrating the Islamic month of Ramadan. According to media reports, however, there is strong criticism against the decision of the school officials. According to headmaster Johannes Grod, about one third of the 160 pupils at the affected school in Aschaffenburg are Muslims. The parents would have wanted to cook an international buffet for the party. The earlier date of mid-May, however, would have been in the middle of Ramadan by mistake, Grod told t-online.de. However, during the 30-day month of fasting, Muslim students usually eat and drink only after sunset, so the school postponed the celebration until the coming school year, according to the headmaster. After all, one would not be a school community "if one were to exclude people of other faiths", but this decision has also brought countless criticisms to the school for children with learning difficulties in Aschaffenburg. Countless people complained to the school about the controversial decision via telephone and e-mail.Some of it were obviously also below the belt why Grod wants to examine now whether there are under it also punishable letters,against which one could sue judicially. 

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