Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Germany: Policemen attacked in front of Arab Shisha bar and beaten incapacitated

Three policemen were injured during a police mission last Sunday morning on Altendorfer Street in Essen. According to the police, one of them was incapacitated for several weeks. Around 06:10 am, the police officers were called to an argument in front of a Shisha bar. In front of the bar, they met five men, two of whom were violent and verbally attacked each other.When the 23-year-old aggressor approached his 23-year-old opponent, the police tried to separate the two men. The aggressor put up considerable resistance by fighting and knocking a policeman to the ground. Finally, he was overwhelmed and handcuffed.While he was being taken to the station, the man insulted the policemen. A blood sample was taken from the 23-year-old man at the hospital. He was then taken to police custody, where he had to stay until the afternoon. One of the officers was so badly injured by the incident that he is unable to serve for several weeks.

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