Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Germany: Sexual assault in subway station on a young woman by dark-skinned man

Early last Sunday morning, a young woman was allegedly sexually assaulted at a subway station in Nuremberg's downtown area. The Nuremberg Criminal Investigation Department is looking for witnesses.In the time between 05:45 a.m. and 06:15 a.m., the later victim stayed in the area of the underground station Lorenzkirche with a man who was only casually acquainted with her. According to previous findings, a sexual assault occurred during the above-mentioned period. The unknown is said to have committed sexual acts against the will of the victim. He then left.
The crime is said to have occurred in the area of the escalators on the platform to the underground U1.

Description of the unknown offender:

Approx. 25 years old, approx. 170 - 175 cm tall, dark skinned (very dark skin colour), short black curly hair, bulging lips, broad nose, dressed in a light T-shirt, spoke broken German and English.

The Nuremberg Criminal Investigation Department is looking for witnesses who can provide pertinent information on the incident. You are requested to contact the police station "Kriminaldauerdienst Mittelfranken" by calling 0911 2112-3333.


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