Monday, May 27, 2019

Germany: Syrian refugee stabs party guests

For two days the police searched for Mohammed A. (allegedly 17 years old). The young Syrian is said to have brutally injured two people with a knife during a barbecue evening on Friday evening in the Dresden district of Gorbitz. The police caught him on Sunday afternoon. After barbecuing in the courtyard of a apartment block in Dresden-Gorbitz, a group of young people sat on the stairs in front of the house when they had a quarrel with another occupant of the house. Paula P. (15 y.o) - daughter of a tenant - came out of the house with her new boyfriend Mohammed A., who wanted the group to clear the stairs. "She was harsh in tone, my mother opposed, suddenly they started fighting," says Corinna M. (23 y.o, name changed).The young woman intervened, wanted to separate the two. Suddenly a stab hit her in the chest: "I was covered with blood everywhere. The hospital said that the blade passed my heart by only a centimetre.

Paula's Syrian friend had pulled a knife. When another party guest (36 y.o) tried to stop him, he was also stabbed in the chest. The perpetrator fled, the victims were seriously injured and were taken to Dresden hospitals.Peggy P. (42 y.o), Paula's mother, is shocked: "Mohammed was only recently my daughter's friend. He was only released from detention on Monday. He told us he was a rapper."

According to the tabloid  BILD information, Mohammed came to Germany several years ago as an unaccompanied teenager. On his hand he had the letters "KMN" tattooed - the name of the famous Dresden gangster rapper.

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