Friday, May 17, 2019

In 1943 Jews found refuge in Sweden. In 2019 Jews are attacked there

The port of Helsingborg in southern Sweden is very close to Denmark. Just 10 kilometers separate the Swedish Helsingborg from the Danish Helsingor, and in October 1943 the boats that rescued the Danish Jews. arrived there.
Today, Helsingborg is a small laboratory of European anti-Semitism. It has a very small Jewish community, only 100 members out of a population of 100.000.
Two days ago, Helsingborg witnessed an attack on a womanbelonging to the local Jewish community, stabbed nine times in the street. “Once again, Jews in Europe are in danger”, said Israeli president Reuven Rivlin.
Last week, a Helsingborg imam, Samir El Rifai, ended up in court for calling the Jews “sons of monkeys and pigs” during a sermon at an anti-Israeli demonstration at the Gustav Adolf square in the city. The Helsingborg synagogue has already been the target of an arson attack. Rabbi Shneur Kesselman has personally assisted in recording hundreds of anti-Semitic episodes, almost all perpetrated by immigrant families from the Middle East.On May 1st, Ilmar Reepalu, former mayor of the close-by city of Malmö, was filmed in a march of activists who incited to “crush Zionism” while waving the flags of the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League, a branch of the Swedish Social Democratic Prime Minister Stefan Lofven's party, Reepalu has advised the Jews of Malmö and Helsingborg to distance themselves from Israel if they want to remain safe.In the '70s, the Jewish community of Malmö had over 2,000 members: today there are less than 500. The Simon Wiesenthal Center issued a warning to all the Jews who visit Malmö: “Remove the religious signs in public and do not speak Hebrew”. In Helsingborg, the Jewish community even refused to participate in the Crystal Night commemorations because the meeting was organized by leftist parties and Muslim activists hostile to the Jewish community.
Not so long ago, in 1943, the Jews arrived in Helsingborg fleeing from Nazi round-ups and deportations. Sweden also took in Jews in need of medical assistance after the concentration camps were liberated. In 2019 the Jews in Helsingborg are at risk and are taking the opposite path. Fleeing an Islamicized Sweden.

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