Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Islamist party receives 35.71 percent of the votes in the European elections in the German metropolis Duisburg and becomes by far the strongest party!

The test was successful, even if this is only a small part of the town. In the voting district 1001 of Duisburg-Marxloh, where many Muslims are at home, the Islamic party BIG receives the most votes in this European election with 35.71 percent - and this by a large distance to the other parties:

Of course, the media are not interested in this at all, after all, all of Germany is in the ecstasy of the Green election victories, so the news that Germany is being Islamised ever more frequently would only unsettle the voters who are obsessed with the issue of alleged global warming.

In statements the BIG appears to be modern, in some parts its election programme even reminds of the election programme of the Greens, but the party is the new political arm of the Muslims in Germany and will probably gain more and more influence in the near future.

Only consolation. In the north of Duisburg, which is strongly marked by migration, the AfD achieved more than 20 percent in some areas.

Society is becoming increasingly divided.


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