Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Muslims attack Jewish pupil in Berlin, Germany

++ Update: On request of the police announced: The 15-year-old perpetrator has a Turkish migration background. ++
At a school in the Berlin district of Charlottenburg, a Jewish student was attacked on last Monday noon.According to initial police investigations, a 15-year-old youth entered the school grounds, asked a 17-year-old pupil of Jewish faith to come along, and then punched him in the face.Since an anti-Semitic motive could not be excluded, the State Security Police investigated the matter. This was announced by the Berlin police on Tuesday. School supervisors and school psychologists are involved.According to the newspaper Tagesspiegel, the attack was preceded by a verbal confrontation between the 17-year-old and two Muslim girls, who then called in the 15-year-old. This is supposed to be a boy who is regarded as ineducable, who used to be a pupil of the school himself.After his arrival at the school, he is said to have brought a former classmate of Arab descent, a ninth-grader, to " support" him.As a result, there was this brawl between the two and the Jewish boy, who in turn received support from a classmate.

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