Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Three wives and 13 children: Abboud from Syria now wants to become a German citizen

Abboud aus Syrien will jetzt Deutscher werden

The Abboud, who fled from Syria to (still) civilized Germany, wants to become a German citizen - together with his three wives and 13 children (photo above). Anyone who thinks that this is not possible does not know the abstruse reality in Germany and the even more abstruse ideas of the Federal Minister of Justice and Social Democrats' top candidate for the upcoming European elections. As already reported, the Federal Ministry of Justice has prevented changes in the naturalization law, according to which persons with an unclarified identity (sic!) or who live in polygamous marriage are denied the acquisition of German citizenship.What this frontal attack on constitutional principles in naturalization law and on civilizing achievements looks like in practice can now be admired in an example. Abboud Sweid has three wives and 13 children, the 14th child soon to be born. In a newspaper interview, the polygamist says: "I would be happy if I could become a German citizen". The fact that this is not one of the famous "individual cases" is made clear by various media reports, which, among other things, addressed how overburdened the social security offices are in some cases by having to pay the transfer payments to the new "families" financed by the taxpayer.

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