Friday, June 21, 2019

16-year-old raped in Czech Republic - Rejected asylum seeker from Germany in custody

A rejected asylum seeker from Africa, who is obliged to leave the country and could not be deported to his country of origin due to lack of papers, allegedly raped a 16-year-old woman in Leitmeritz/Czech Republic. The Czech authorities took the suspect into custody, he is threatened with 10 years in prison - .presumably without 23 television programs. Open borders allow rejected asylum seekers to move freely within the EU in an uncontrolled manner, allowing criminal activity to spread and citizens' security and integrity to be increasingly jeopardised.At least in Germany, criminal and rejected asylum seekers can only laugh at the lax criminal prosecution measures because they do not have to fear draconian punishments here, quite the opposite of their home countries, where even simple offences are severely punished.
The tabloid BILD reports:
The 29-year-old arrested, who is said to have raped a 16-year-old girl in the Czech Republic, is a rejected asylum seeker from Germany. Abdallah D. presumably comes from Libya, his exact origin is unclear. He was imprisoned for 46 days in Saxony for not paying two fines.Last Tuesday he had been released from prison in Dresden. It is unclear why he subsequently travelled to the Czech Republic. He was not deported to that country. Patricia Vernhold of the Ministry of the Interior: "Although he is obliged to leave the country, he has not yet been able to be deported to his home country due to a lack of passport replacement documents".According to Czech authorities, on the day of his release from prison in Dresden he allegedly raped the 16-year-old girl in a field near Leitmeritz. When he was arrested shortly after the crime, he had his victim's mobile phone with him. The suspect has been in custody since Thursday afternoon. Under Czech law, he is threatened with ten years imprisonment.

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