Tuesday, June 25, 2019

As the Merkel government tries to turn the murder investigation into a condemnation of the AfD…

“So the reason this video is so important is because the German government and their propaganda media are using the case as a narrative to attack the AfD and to curb the speech and rights of the “radical right” (guess they define what is radical or right) . Heike Maas was saying that children should not only skip school for “Fridays for future” to fight climate change, but there should be a Thursday (Donnerstag in German) for Democracy to fight “right wing radicalism”. Horst Seehofer also said he wanted to look into taking the rights of “right wing radicals” away.” Taking the rights of ‘Right wing radicals away’. Well that goes with an earlier story about 3 years in jail for desecrating an EU symbol I guess.

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