Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Austria: North African causes flaming inferno

Panic in downtown Graz! On Wednesday morning, emergency forces had to move out for a large-scale operation. An arsonist had struck at the Graz City Hall, the Graz surrounding area and the Graz West District Court. According to current information, there are no injured persons. Now a suspect could be arrested - he is presumed to be an Algerian. According to police, the arson attacks took place almost simultaneously around 10.40 a.m.. In front of the mayor's office in the town hall, a paper soaked in accelerant and plastic were set on fire.There was a large, health-endangering smoke development! Employees of the mayor's office were able to extinguish the fire in time. Afterwards, the police were deployed on a large scale. Even a police helicopter flew over the city centre! Another attack, which apparently turned out to be minor, took place in the Graz area. Passers-by apparently extinguished the fire at the district court. The suspected Algerian,was caught at Graz Central Station according to the newspaper "Kronen-Zeitung". For the time being, no terrorist motives are suspected to be the motive for the suspected offender. According to the current state of investigations, the man was probably annoyed by the authorities.

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