Thursday, June 20, 2019

Deadly shot through car windshield: Moroccan killer surrenders to police in Offenbach, Germany

The Moroccan killer, who shot a 44-year-old businesswoman through the closed window of a silver-coloured Porsche Panamera in Offenbach, has surrendered to the police after weeks of European-wide investigations. This is the result of reports by the state broadcaster HR and the Bild newspaper. What could have motivated 42-year-old Mohammed S. to give up will probably remain a secret for the time being. According to the HR, the allegedly wealthy family of the German-Moroccan Fatima T. has offered 27,000 Euros for the investigation of the crime.Nine times the amount of money as the German public prosecutor's office. According to media reports, Mohammed S. shot the successful businesswoman Fatima T. (44 years old) with a targeted shot in the neck on May 9 when she was waiting for her son in a car in front of a martial arts school. According to HR and Bild, the alleged perpetrator and the woman were well known to each other. "The investigators assume that there was a violent quarrel between him and the woman before the crime," the HR reports further. According to media information, the reason for the dispute was the end of their relationship.A sister of the murdered, who had previously had a relationship with Mohammed S, had influenced Fatima to end the relationship. According to this, revenge could have been the motive for the bloody crime. After the crime, the armed perpetrator is said to have left for Belgium. The rented car from which the killer shot his victim was found in the immediate vicinity of the crime scene.Particularly notable was the precision with which the killer struck down his victim. Only one shot was fired. "Whether coincidence or a precision shot, it's amazing to drive by, stop briefly and hit," says police spokesman Rudi Neu to the newspaper Offenbach Post.According to newspaper BILD, the wanted suspected killer called the police on Monday at 7.20 p.m. that he would be passing by shortly. Shortly after, he appeared at the 2nd precinct in Offenbach, but said nothing about the crime. Apart from the fact that he was the wanted Mohammed S..

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