Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Germany: Iraqi beats up ticket inspector

A 34-year-old man beat and injured a 47-year-old ticket inspector in an suburban train line S1 towards Herrenberg at 12:40 noon yesterday, Tuesday afternoon. According to initial findings, the Iraqi citizen was unable to produce a valid ticket at the ticket inspection by the German Railway employee. In the further course of the check, the passenger also gave false personal details, which led to verbal disputes between the two men. The 34-year-old apparently tried to leave the suburban train during the stop at Altbach station.With the help of a previously unknown traveller, the ticket inspector succeeded in detaining the 34-year-old until the arrival of alarmed police officers of the Federal and State Police. Meanwhile the Iraqi punched the inspector in the face with his fist. As a result, he suffered a laceration on his left cheek and was taken to hospital by alarmed paramedics. The 34-year-old now faces criminal proceedings for bodily injury and attempted fraud. The Federal Police has started investigations into the incident and is looking for witnesses. In particular, the previously unknown traveller is asked to report by calling +49711870350.

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