Monday, June 17, 2019

Germany: Kosovo Albanian stabs woman to death

A 55-year-old man stabbed his 52-year-old wife to death in Künzell last Friday at noon. In addition to the facts, the public prosecutor's office in Fulda and the police headquarters in East Hesse announced today: The persons involved are a German couple of Kosovar origin. They lived in a shared apartment in Künzell and have four children of adult age. The cause of the knife attack was probably personal relationship problems between the spouses. According to the results of the preliminary autopsy report and the first investigations, the 55-year-old allegedly stabbed his wife five times sitting in the passenger seat of the car. She suffered life-threatening injuries. She died shortly afterwards during the emergency operation in the hospital. The public prosecutor's office has initiated an investigation on suspicion of murder. The arrest warrant issued by the Fulda District Court was enforced and the 55-year-old was remanded in custody.

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