Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Germany: Turk stabs woman in the street - victim has life-threatening injuries

The 32-year-old woman, who was fatally injured by a 43-year-old man with several stab wounds on Saturday afternoon in Gelsenkirchen, is still in mortal danger. "The woman is still in serious jeopardy," said prosecutor Elke Hinterberg of the responsible judicial authority in Essen.The investigators also succeeded in finding out more about the background to the blood crime. The suspect is a Turkish citizen who has been "stalking" the woman since 2018, persistently persecuting her and repeatedly ambushing her. There was no relationship between the two. The divorced woman has two minor children who are now being cared for. They were accommodated within the family.Apparently, however, the man wanted to have a relationship with the 32-year-old, but his courtship was not welcomed. Because the stalking became too much, the woman from Gelsenkirchen has, according to the public prosecutor's office, repeatedly "initiated criminal charges and legal steps". Among other things, the accused had obtained a temporary injunction, but the accused did not comply with it.Half an hour before the blood crime, the woman had already sent a call for help to the police. This was confirmed by the public prosecutor's office. Despite the prohibition of contact, the man had appeared in front of the 32-year-old's house and walked up and down. The Turk has been in custody since the weekend, the arrest warrant was for " attempted manslaughter and dangerous bodily injury," said prosecutor Elke Hinterberg. Investigators are still trying to find out whether base motives influenced the armed attack. Should this be the case, the man would be confronted with the accusation of attempted murder in court.

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