Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Groundhog Day: Rioting Afghan in Munich suburban train arrested

A 25-year-old Afghan has rioted and attacked passengers in an suburban train from Munich airport to Unterschleißheim. When he also attacked officers of the summoned federal police, he was arrested and taken to the psychiatric ward.
Yesterday, an incident repeated itself near Munich, which is now part of the standard mission profile of federal and railway police officers in Germany. A 25-year-old Afghan had attacked passengers travelling in the direction of Franz-Josef-Strauss airport on the suburban train S1 out of the blue. At first, the young man had loudly insulted and yelled at passengers, then he tried to hit travellers. A federal policeman on the train called for reinforcements and escorted the perpetrator out of the wagon at Unterschleißheim suburban station, where he was to be picked up by officers of the federal police station at Munich Central Station.After the personal details of the man "under the influence of alcohol and drugs" had been determined there, the Afghan being registered as "accommodated in Munich" was expelled. Instead of moving away, however, he continued his unruly behaviour unabashedly: he insulted the police officers, beat up advertising posters, rolled around in a flower bed, and finally attacked the police officers, again kicking and beating them in a highly aggressive manner. The police then fixed him and tied him to arms and legs. The man was then taken to a psychiatric institution by the state police because of "considerable danger to himself and others". Now investigations are underway against the perpetrator for resistance and assault against police officers, as well as for assault and insult.The case brought back unpleasant memories of a similar incident in June 2017, when the 27-year-old policewoman Jessica L. was shot in the head while the perpetrator and her colleague were wrangling with each other during an suburban train deployment against a rioter. The policewoman has been in a vegetative state ever since.

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