Sunday, June 23, 2019

Knife attack at the Danube Island Festival in Vienna, Austria: Afghan stabbed man - the victim's life is in danger

A bloody knife attack already overshadows the first day of the Vienna Danube Island Festival. A 22-year-old Afghan robbed a young woman (23 years old) of her handbag and fled. The woman's 26-year-old friend ran after the fugitive and quickly caught up with the man. There was a scuffle - and suddenly the 22-year-old stabbed. The victim suffered a stab wound to his torso and collapsed in life-threatening agony.The Afghan fled further, but could be arrested a little later in the course of an immediate search at the event stage. He was charged with suspicion of robbery and intentional bodily harm and is in custody. The victim was taken by the ambulance to the trauma room of a hospital and had to undergo surgery. His life is in danger.

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