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Germany: Woman groped by dark skinned man and injured with a knife

A 38-year-old woman from Wetzlar was attacked by an unknown person on Monday noon. He grabbed her indecently and probably injured her with a knife. Between 12:00 noon and 12:14 pm, the woman from Wetzlar left her apartment in the street  Blaunonnengasse and opened her mailbox at the front door. Suddenly a stranger grabbed her breasts from behind and touched her at her crotch. When she managed to turn around to defend herself, the attacker probably injured her with a knife on the left hand. The attacker let her go and ran away. The injury to the hand had to be treated as an out-patient in the hospital in Wetzlar.The 38-year-old woman describes the unknown attacker as an approximately 175 to 180 cm tall, mid-30-year-old, thin, dark-skinned man with black short hair. At the time of the crime he was wearing a white T-shirt. A more exact description is not possible for the woman from Wetzlar.
The police looks for witnesses and asks:
- Who witnessed the attack on Monday noon in the Blaunonnengasse? 
- Who can give information about the unknown attacker? 
- Who noticed the man running fast in the old town on Monday noon?

The Wetzlar Criminal Investigation Department requests information by calling (06441) 9180.

Trump’s Antifa comments trigger flood of support for the left-wing extremist group in Germany

Germany: Afghan stabs woman to death

Yesterday, a 24-year-old Afghan citizen from Zwickau was brought before the competent investigating judge of the Dortmund District Court. The accused is suspected of killing his wife in the morning hours of the last Sunday in the Dortmund district of Lütgendortmund. The autopsy, which had been carried out in the meantime, revealed that the 21-year-old Afghan woman had been stabbed with a large number of 70 knife thrusts.The accused was first arrested last Monday in Zwickau and taken to Dortmund yesterday by helicopter. At the request of the public prosecutor's office in Dortmund, an arrest warrant for manslaughter was issued and the accused was sent to a prison.

India bans Muslim instant divorce

India's parliament voted on Tuesday to ban "triple talaq," a type of age-old Islamic divorce in India, which allows any Muslim man to legally divorce his wife by saying or writing talaq (divorce in Arabic) three times. Anyone who uses triple talaq will face paying a fine and up to three years in prison. Additionally, Muslim men will be required to financially support their ex-wives.

Germany: Rabbi of the Jewish Community of Berlin spat at and insulted in Arabic language by two men

The Rabbi of the Jewish Community in Berlin, Yehuda Teichtal, was insulted in the Arabic language and spat on by two men last weekend. The attack took place near a synagogue in the Wilmersdorf district, where Rabbi Teichtal had previously celebrated the worship service. After Rabbi Teichtal, who was accompanied by one of his children during the attack, had reported the incident to the police, the police started the investigation. Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal: "Unfortunately we have to state that the aggressions against Jews have developed a life of their own both in the schoolyards and on the streets of Berlin. But I remain convinced that most people in Berlin do not want to accept this aggression against Jews as a sad part of everyday Jewish life. Most people in Berlin want Jewish people to be able to live their Judaism openly without being afraid of being insulted, spat at or even beaten. Of course we will not hide now, but continue to build on love, tolerance, dialogue and education".

Turkey Threatens to Reignite European Migrant Crisis

Turkey has threatened to re-open the floodgates of mass migration to Europe unless Turkish nationals are granted visa-free travel to the European Union. The EU agreed to visa liberalization in a March 2016 EU-Turkey migrant deal in which Ankara pledged to stem the flow of migrants to Europe.
European officials insist that while Turkey has reduced the flow of migrants, it has not yet met all of the requirements for visa liberalization. Moreover, EU foreign ministers on July 15 decided to halt high-level talks with Ankara as part of sanctions over Turkish oil and gas drilling off the coast of Cyprus.
In an interview with Turkish television channel TGRT Haber on July 22, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoğlu said that Turkey was backing out of the migrant deal because the EU had failed to honor its pledge to grant Turkish passport holders visa-free access to 26 European countries. "We have suspended the readmission agreement," he said. "We will not wait at the EU's door."
A day earlier, Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu accused European countries of leaving Turkey alone to deal with the migration issue. In comments published by the state news agency Anadolu Agency, he warned: "We are facing the biggest wave of migration in history. If we open the floodgates, no European government will be able to survive for more than six months. We advise them not to try our patience."
The migration deal, which entered into force on June 1, 2016, was hastily negotiated by European leaders desperate to gain control over a crisis in which more than one million migrants poured into Europe in 2015.
Under the agreement, the EU pledged to pay Turkey €6 billion ($6.7 billion), grant visa-free travel to Europe for Turkey's 82 million citizens, and restart accession talks for Turkey to join the EU. In exchange, Turkey agreed to stop the flow of migrants to Europe as well as to take back all migrants and refugees who illegally reach Greece from Turkey.
Turkey currently hosts an estimated 3.5 million migrants and refugees — mainly Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans. Many of these people presumably would migrate to Europe if given the opportunity to do so.
Responding to Çavuşoğlu's remarks, EU spokesperson Natasha Bertaud insisted that Turkey's continued enforcement of the EU-Turkey deal remains a condition for visa liberalization.
Turkish officials have repeatedly accused the EU of failing to keep its end of the bargain, especially with respect to visa liberalization and accession to the EU.
Under the agreement, European officials promised to fast-track visa-free access for Turkish nationals to the Schengen (open-bordered) passport-free zone by June 30, 2016 and to restart Turkey's stalled EU membership talks by the end of July 2016.
To qualify for the visa waiver, Turkey had until April 30, 2016 to meet 72 conditions. These include: bringing the security features of Turkish passports up to EU standards; sharing information on forged and fraudulent documents used to travel to the EU, and granting work permits to non-Syrian migrants in Turkey.
European officials say that although Turkey has fulfilled most of their conditions, it has failed to comply with the most important one: relaxing its stringent anti-terrorism laws, which are being used to silence critics of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
Since Turkey's failed coup on July 15, 2016, more than 95,000 Turkish citizens have been arrested and at least 160,000 civil servants, teachers, journalists, police officers and soldiers have been fired or suspended from various state-run institutions.
Responding to the purge, the European Parliament on March 13, 2019 called for EU accession negotiations with Turkey to be suspended. "While the EU accession process was at its start a strong motivation for reforms in Turkey, there has been a stark regression in the areas of the rule of law and human rights during the last few years," according to the adopted text.
Turkey was first promised EU membership in September 1963, when it signed an "Association Agreement" aimed at establishing a customs union to pave the way for eventual accession to the EU. Turkey formally applied for EU membership in April 1987 and membership talks began in October 2005.
Turkey's EU accession talks stalled in December 2006 after the Turkish government refused to open Turkish ports and airports to trade from Cyprus. Since then, talks have continued on and off, but the process has been stalled due to political opposition from France and Germany, among others.
If Turkey were to join the EU, it would overtake Germany to become the EU's largest member in terms of population. Consequently, the EU's largest member state would be Muslim. Some European officials have warned that Turkish accession would cause Europe to "implode" and be "Islamized."
Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has said that Turkey has no place in the EU. In a February 2016 interview with the French news channel iTélé, he expressed sentiments that presumably are shared by many Europeans:
"Turkey has no place in Europe. I have always adhered to this position, it is based on common sense. This doesn't mean that I have anything against the Turks. We need them, they are our allies in NATO. But if we begin to explain it — that Turkey is in Europe — European school students will have to be told that the European border lies in Syria. Where's common sense?
"It's not just that. What's the idea behind Europe? Europe is a union of European countries. The question is very simple, even in a geographical sense, is Turkey a European country? Turkey has only one shore of the Bosporus in Europe. Can Turkey be regarded a European country culturally, historically, and economically speaking? If we say that, we want the European Union's death."
On May 9, 2019, Erdoğan said that Turkey was committed to joining the EU. A statement released by the Turkish Foreign Ministry noted:
"Turkey remains committed to its objective of EU membership and continues its efforts in this respect.... Our expectation from the EU is to treat Turkey on equal footing with other candidate countries and to remove political barriers on the way of negotiations which is supposed to be a technical process...
"Although our accession negotiations are politically blocked, Turkey decisively continues its efforts for alignment with the EU standards. In the meeting today, we have set out the current developments in Turkey and agreed on the steps to be taken in the forthcoming period.
"The finalization of the Visa Liberalization Dialogue process which will allow our citizens to travel to the Schengen area without a visa, is our first priority."
Even if Turkey complies with all of the EU's demands, it seems unlikely that Turkish nationals will be granted visa-free travel anytime soon. On July 15, EU foreign ministers formally linked progress on Turkish-EU relations to Cyprus. A measure adopted by the European Council on July 15 states:
"The Council deplores that, despite the European Union's repeated calls to cease its illegal activities in the Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey continued its drilling operations west of Cyprus and launched a second drilling operation northeast of Cyprus within Cypriot territorial waters. The Council reiterates the serious immediate negative impact that such illegal actions have across the range of EU-Turkey relations. The Council calls again on Turkey to refrain from such actions, act in a spirit of good neighborliness and respect the sovereignty and sovereign rights of Cyprus in accordance with international law....
"In light of Turkey's continued and new illegal drilling activities, the Council decides to suspend ... further meetings of the EU-Turkey high-level dialogues for the time being. The Council endorses the Commission's proposal to reduce the pre-accession assistance to Turkey for 2020."
European officials may be justified in taking a hardline stance against Turkey, but Ankara is well positioned to create chaos for the European Union if it chooses to do so. Indeed, Europe appears to be trapped in a no-win situation.
If the EU approves the visa waiver, tens of millions of Turks will gain immediate and unimpeded access to Europe's passport-free zone. Critics of visa liberalization fear that millions of Turkish nationals may end up migrating to Europe. The Austrian newsmagazine, Wochenblickreported that 11 million Turks are living in poverty and "many of them are dreaming of moving to central Europe."
Others believe that Erdoğan views the visa waiver as an opportunity to "export" Turkey's "Kurdish Problem" to Germany. Markus Söder, the head of the Christian Social Union, the Bavarian sister party to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union, warned that millions of Kurds are poised to take advantage of the visa waiver to flee to Germany to escape persecution at the hands of Erdoğan: "We are importing an internal Turkish conflict. In the end, fewer migrants may arrive by boat, but more will arrive by airplane."
On the other hand, if the EU rejects the visa waiver, and Turkey retaliates by reopening the migration floodgates, potentially hundreds of thousands of migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East could once again begin flowing into Europe.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

LIVE from Frankfurt on the Main, Germany: Protest vigil for the killed boy († 8) whom an African pushed in front of a train!

Germany: The killer of an 8-year-old boy murdered at Frankfurt Central Station was hailed as an "example of successful integration"

The alleged perpetrator of the high-speed train murder in Frankfurt was mentioned in publications as an "example of successful integration". In 2006, the 40-year-old travelled from Eritrea to Switzerland illegally. Two years later he was granted asylum. He was considered "well integrated", but the man was known to the police.He is said to have committed a violent crime on the 25th of July. He is said to have threatened, strangled and imprisoned a female neighbour in her apartment.The media mainstream reported on this horrible crime in an impertinent manner and initially completely concealed the perpetrator's ethnic origin.

Germany: Passer-by had no cigarettes for him, therefore the African stabbed him

Early Monday morning, the police forces were called to Herforder Street in Bad Oeynhausen. There was a man who had presumably been injured by a knife thrust. The police are therefore looking for witnesses.When the officers arrived at a bank branch, they met an injured 38-year-old man. An attentive witness had previously informed the police department after finding the injured man. Before that, the man from Bad Oeynhausen had been addressed by another man around midnight. The latter asked for a cigarette. When the victim denied having a cigarette, the unknown person pulled out a knife according to initial investigation results, injured the 38-year-old and fled to the Kurpark. The ambulance took him to the hospital in Bad Oeynhausen, where he left after outpatient treatment.Since the immediately initiated local area search was unsuccessful, the investigators ask for clues. The wanted person is described with a size of 165 cm with a slender figure, dark shoulder-length curly hair, a dark hooded jacket and dark trousers. The victim was addressed by the perpetrator in German language. From his appearance he could be of African descent.
Please inform the Minden-Lübbecke police about the perpetrator by calling (0571) 88660.

Germany: Gay Jewish AfD Member attacked by muslims

Monastery church set on fire in Bad Schussenried, Germany

File:Schussenried Klosterkirche Blick zum Chor 01.jpg
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons license.

On the last Sunday between 5.30 and 5.50 p.m. there was an unknown person in the church in the monastery courtyard (photo). There he lit a cloth. It burned and the fire spread to the pictures next to it and a wooden cross. A witness discovered the fire and was able to extinguish it. According to witnesses, the arsonist was a 25-30 year old man with short hair. He was about 165-170cm tall and wore a green T-shirt and short beige trousers. The police station Bad Schussenried (phone 07583/942020) is now investigating the perpetrator.

Greta Thunberg or Europe's mental disorder

by Giulio Meotti
What an indecent and grotesque spectacle Greta Thunberg's visit at the French Parliament was. A National Assembly in adoration of the Swedish girl, the cult-object of the rich, de-Christianized and postmodern European élites.According to French essayst Pascal Bruckner, it was “one of the most humiliating days in the history of the French Parliament”. “That French deputies and leaders like Macron and Merkel hang from the lips of a young girl in short shorts is a resounding humiliation of politics, in the noblest sense of the term”.A socially collapsing country that prostrates itself before the little saint of ecology. Worthy epilogue of macronism, a degenerative phenomenon of a declining West?
“In a spasm of sadomasochistic enjoyment, everyone applauds Greta”, writes the French philosopher Michel Onfray. With this mass hysteria for the “Swedish cyborg”, as Onfray defines her, “we are entering the supreme stage of nihilism”. It is the time of the “king children”, says Onfray, the “world upside down”.The point here is not the care for preserving the environment. Israel, too, is an ecological superpower, a world leader in water supply and sanitation. But Israel's public and politicians don't bow to Greta. The point here is that, from Pope Francis to Emmanuel Macron, and through all the European newspapers and parliaments and universities, all knelt in front of a girl who, according to her mother, “can see carbon dioxide with the naked eye”.How did the West - the cradle of reason, cultural sobriety and knowledge applied to reality to improve it -  become such a pathetic scene?

‘My Experience Hardly an Isolated Case,’ Victim of Antisemitic Attack in German City of Potsdam Says

The 25-year-old Jewish man verbally assaulted and spat on by two Syrian refugees who spotted his kippah in the German city of Potsdam on Saturday has since remarked that his experience was “hardly an isolated case.”

Speaking on Monday to the right-wing media outlet Tichys Einblick — a news and opinion site edited by Roland Tichy, a conservative columnist — the victim of Saturday’s attack said that he and other active members of the Jewish community experienced antisemitic harassment “on a weekly basis.”Named only as Marvin F., the victim, who is a student, said that members of the community were “usually exposed to verbal insults and attacks on a weekly basis” especially when using public transport.

He emphasized that most of these incidents were almost never reported to the police, because of the common feeling among targeted Jews “that the perpetrators are often not caught anyway, or not really punished.”Describing his own experience, the student said that he had been spotted by two Syrian teenagers in the central railway station in the city of Potsdam — part of the Berlin region — while wearing a kippah with a Star of David symbol. The older of the two teens spat at the victim and assailed him with antisemitic and homophobic epithets, including “you dirty Jew!”, before running off.

The victim said that an elderly woman who witnessed the attack approached him encouraging him to call the police. Four officers responded promptly and the perpetrator, who had remained in the station after the attack, was arrested shortly afterward. He has since been released.

Saturday’s incident in Potsdam reignited the debate among German Jews over the safety of wearing visibly Jewish symbols in public. Last May, Felix Klein — the federally-appointed commissioner tasked with combating antisemitism — ruffled feathers inside and outside the Jewish community when he remarked it was not safe to wear kippah “everywhere, all the time” in Germany.

The victim of the attack in Potsdam concurred with that assessment, saying that he wore a kippah “most of the time,” but would never do so in certain neighborhoods.

“I wouldn’t wear my kippah in Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Ostbahnhof and Wedding,” the victim said, naming four neighborhoods in Berlin with large Muslim populations. “You would risk your health and your life. It’s in these parts of the city that Islamist hatred of Jews hits the hardest.”

In a separate interview, the head of the Jewish community in Potsdam said that he had been “shocked” by Saturday’s assault.

“I’ve always believed that Potsdam was a quiet city,” community chairman Evgeni Kutikov told local media outlet Märkische Allgemeine on Sunday. He called for Muslim migrants in Germany to “finally be informed and made aware that there are laws in Germany, and that there are consequences if you violate those laws.”

Kutikov emphasized that he would not recommend against wearing Jewish symbols in public, despite the attack.

“If it comes to the point where we have to warn against it, then for us Jews, the point will have been reached where we leave Germany and emigrate to Israel,” Kutikov said.

Antisemitic hate crimes in Germany rose by 20 percent in 2018; both the government and the police have been strongly criticized for assuming that attacks on Jews are solely the work of the far right.

Earlier this year, Marcel Luthe — a member of Berlin’s state parliament for the liberal FDP Party — claimed that up to 60 percent of antisemitic offenses in the German capital had been incorrectly blamed by police on the far right, thereby diminishing the role played by Muslim extremists and militant anti-Zionists in attacking Jewish targets.

Tyranny in the UK: Concept Creep and the Policing of Words: When “offensive” speech becomes a criminal matter

According to Reporters Without Borders (RSF), an international non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Paris, when it comes to press freedom, the UK remains one of the “worst-performing countries” in Western Europe.

Why? A number of worrying trends are at play, including a heavy-handed approach towards the press - often in the name of national security - and a climate of hostility towards the media. This hostility is not just directed towards the media, however; it’s also directed towards the general public.

Ostensibly, the UK is a bastion of liberality. However, on closer look, you find a society dominated by PC culture. As writer Brendan O’Neill asks, “which country's police force just called on its citizens to report offensive speech? Not libelous speech or death-threat speech, just plain old insulting speech. Speech that is merely hurtful or hateful. Which nation's cops instructed the citizenry to snitch on haters? North Korea? China? Maybe Turkey?”

No, rather shockingly, it was the United Kingdom, where offensive speech has become a police matter. One would expect this in the likes of Russia, where, in 2017, law enforcement opened 411 criminal cases against internet users in Russia. That same year, in the UK, in an effort to combat social media hate speech, police arrested nine people a day (yes, a day). That’s 63 people each week; 252 people a month; 3024 people in a year.

These people were arrested for posting allegedly offensive messages online. I stress the word allegedly, because some of these “crimes” border on the ridiculous.

In 2018, for example, a 19-year-old woman was arrested for sending a "grossly offensive" message. In reality, the teenager simply posted rap lyrics that included the N-word on her Instagram page. Just a few weeks later, a Scottish man was charged for committing a hate crime. In reality, he taught his pug to do a Nazi salute, then posted the footage on YouTube. Controversial? Yes. Criminal? No.

How did we get to a point where tweets are equated with physical assault?

Two words: concept creep. In 2016, Nick Haslam published a paper titled ‘Concept Creep: Psychology's Expanding Concepts of Harm and Pathology.’ Haslam, a professor of psychology at the University of Melbourne, wrote:

By applying concepts of abuse, bullying, and trauma to less severe and clearly defined actions and events, and by increasingly including subjective elements into them, concept creep may release a flood of unjustified accusations and litigation, as well as excessive and disproportionate enforcement regimes.   The concepts of abuse, bullying, trauma, mental disorder, addiction, and prejudice ... {have been subjected to historical changes}. In each case, the concept's boundary has stretched and its meaning has dilate.”

By offering a case study of each word, Haslam charts the evolution of concept creep. He demonstrates conclusively that each of the six the words have undergone significant semantic shifts. In fact, as Gregg Henriques at Psychology Today writes, the shift has been so profound that “all six (abuse, bullying, trauma, etc.) have been extended both horizontally (so as to include novel phenomena that were historically outside the boundary) and vertically (so as to include increasingly minor cases).”

In other words, the interpretative goalposts have been widened, considerably so. In the UK, this has seen people imprisoned for making racist comments on Twitter or simply making jokes in poor taste. Insulting comments are now considered criminal. If someone calls you a pig on Facebook, just call the police. If you are a Sikh wearing a turban and someone shouts “tea-towel,” why not call the police? Although the term Orwellian has been the victim of severe sematic satiation, there is something Orwellian-y about the idea of the police – the actual police – dictating what constitutes “acceptable” speech. Today, Great Britain, a supposedly progressive mecca, is dogged by regressive, myopic mindsets.

In May of this year, the comedian John Cleese had the temerity to say something on Twitter. Though the actual police didn’t charge him with a crime, the thought police most definitely did. His comments, we are told, were extremely racist. What, exactly, did Cleese say? This: “Some years ago I opined that London was not really an English city anymore. Since then, virtually all my friends from abroad have confirmed my observation. So there must be some truth in it…”

Cleese had the audacity to factually state that today’s Britain is wildly different from Britain of the past. Demographically speaking, present day London is unrecognizable from London of the 80’s. In 2012, the city became the first major Western capital to become majority non-white. Cleese was not being racist; he was being factual. But who cares? Lock the goose stepping bastard up, and lock him up now.

It’s no exaggeration to say the following: Cleese was lucky not to have the police knocking on his door. After all, as the aforementioned O’Neill notes, the UK is a place here “communications laws and public-order legislation can be, and regularly are, used to punish hateful expression… In some parts of Britain the arrest rate for offensive speech has risen by nearly 900% in recent years.” Yes, 900%.

In January of this year, a man was brought in for questioning by police. What was his crime? He liked a tweet that appeared to mock the transgender community.

Let me state that again: he liked a tweet. He did not compose the tweet; he merely liked it. According to Harry Miller, the man brought in for questioning, the Humberside Police wanted to understand his ‘thinking’ and his reasons for liking the limerick, which referred to trans women as ‘stupid,’ on Twitter.

Taking to social media to voice his disillusionment, Mr Miller, who used to work as a policeman, had this to say: ‘a cop said he was in possession of 30 tweets by me. I asked if any contained criminal material. He said “No.” I asked if any came close to being criminal and he read me a limerick. Honestly. A limerick. A cop read me a limerick over the phone.’

After telling the policeman that he did not actually write the limerick, the officer replied: ‘Ah. But you liked it and promoted it.’ Liking a comment is now controversial, if not borderline criminal.

More recently, in June of this year, a disabled grandfather was sacked by Asda supermarket. His crime?

He decided to share an ‘anti-religion’ sketch by Billy Connolly, one of the greatest British comedians of all time, on his Facebook page. According to a MailOnline report, Brian Leach, who had worked at the Asda store for five years, was fired by the supermarket after a colleague complained the comments in the shared video were anti-Islamic. (In the video, just to state, Connolly makes fun of all religions, not just Islam) After the complaint, as the MailOnline reports, Mr Leach deleted the post from and wrote an apology to his bosses and colleagues, Nevertheless, Mr. Leah was left jobless.

In the UK, as you can see, the expansion of concept creep primarily reflects an ever-increasing sensitivity to harm, or, to be more accurate, the perception of harm. And, as well know, perception is highly subjective. PC culture, which now permeates every crevice of British society, reflects a highly progressive (or regressive) moral agenda. At its most malevolent, concept creep pathologizes everyday experiences and promotes a sense of tragic victimhood.

I'd better go. I hear the police knocking on my door.

German pool imposes ID requirement amid recent increase of pool assaults by North African ‘youths’

Monday, July 29, 2019

Murder Investigation: African Migrant Arrested After 8-Year-old Pushed In Front of Train

A 40-year-old African migrant has been arrested after allegedly pushing a woman and her eight-year-old son into the path of an oncoming express train.

The incident took place at Frankfurt’s central railway station at 10 am on Monday morning and allegedly saw the African randomly target the woman and her son, pushing them off platform 7, German tabloid Bild reports.

The woman was able to roll into the void between tracks but was unable to reach her son, who was hit by an express train and died at the scene.

Investigators say the man, who has been identified as an Eritrean migrant, attempted to flee the scene but was pursued by witnesses and was later arrested by police. The motive for the attack remains unclear according to police who have yet to establish any links between the migrant and the victims.

The incident comes just over a week since Bosnian migrant Jackson B. was accused of throwing 34-year-old Anja B. in front of a train in North-Rhine Westphalia that also led to her death.

Police say there were no links between the Bosnian and the woman, while witnesses say he silently moved toward her and pushed her from behind into the path of the train.

Last year another migrant, a 23-year-old asylum seeker from India, attempted to kill a 5-year-old boy along with himself in Wuppertal after grabbing the boy from his family at a train station and jumping in front of a moving train.

The driver of the oncoming train was unable to stop but the pair ended up underneath the train and were unharmed. The asylum seeker was later taken to a psychiatric facility.

Several other incidents of violence have been carried out by migrants in and around train stations in Germany this year including a 50-man brawl in Rastatt, a Syrian man attacking police in a rampage in Augsburg and an Islamic State-linked Iraqi who allegedly attempted to derail trains in Bavaria.

Germany: Probably Arabs harass woman in on-board restroom

Two unknown perpetrators are suspected of having harassed a young woman yesterday evening between 10:20 p.m. and 10:50 p.m. in a regional express train from Stuttgart to Tübingen. According to current findings, the two suspects apparently threatened the previously unknown woman by showing her a knife and pushed her back to the train toilet of the local train when the woman was about to leave it. The unknown woman was then apparently able to defend herself, so that the men left her and presumably left the train in Wendlingen or Nürtingen. Travellers then approached the weeping woman on the train and reported the events described by the woman to the police. However, an immediately initiated search by the state police for the two suspected perpetrators was unsuccessful. The woman in question also left Metzingen station before a police patrol arrived, after she had got off the train there. The unknown victim is said to be a 20 year old woman with long, white coloured hair. One of the alleged perpetrators is described as about 40 years old, with strong stature, dark short hair and Arabic phenotype. He is said to have worn jeans at the time of the crime. The second unknown is described as about 35 years old, with slim stature and also Arab phenotype. The background to the crime as well as the exact course of the crime are currently the subject of investigations. In this context, the Federal Police is looking in particular for the hitherto unknown victim. The young woman and any other witnesses are requested by calling +49711870350.

Germany: Afghan fare dodger sexually harasses female train attendant

A 17-year-old man sexually harassed a 24-year-old train attendant in an Interregio Express to Stuttgart last Friday afternoon around 2:50 pm. The Afghan national had initially been checked by a German railway employee and was unable to show a valid ticket for the route between Karlsruhe and Mühlacker. When asked about his misconduct, the man known to the police caressed the 24-year-old woman on her arm and asked for her telephone number. An alarmed patrol of the federal police finally arrested the man at Stuttgart's main train station.The man will now have to face a preliminary investigation on suspicion of sexual harassment and fare evasion.The Federal Police is asking witnesses who can provide relevant information by calling +49711870350.

Germany: Turk sexually coerces woman

A 32-year-old man coerced and sexually harassed a 20-year-old woman at Stuttgart Central Station in the early hours of Sunday morning around 03:10 a.m. and tried to injure three German Rail employees. According to current information, the Turkish citizen allegedly denied the 20-year-old woman the exit of a fast-food restaurant at Stuttgart main station and apparently grabbed her by the breasts. The man then fled towards the platform, where he was caught by three German Rail security guards. He is said to have resisted the measures of the security forces and was brought to the ground and tied up by them. When the 32-year-old was finally to be taken to the police station, he insulted the employees of the German Railway and also tried to beat and kick them. However, there was no bodily injury. The Federal Police has now initiated investigations against the man on suspicion of coercion, sexual harassment and attempted assault.

Boy, 8, dies in Germany after being pushed onto train tracks by an African man

An 8-year-old boy was run over by a train and killed at Frankfurt's main station on Monday after an African  man pushed him and his mother onto the tracks, German police said. The boy was killed as a high-speed ICE train was pulling into the station, one of Germany's busiest. Police said the mother was able to escape but the boy was hit and run over by the train and suffered fatal injuries, police spokeswoman Isabell Neumann said. The 40-year-old African  fled the scene with passers-by in pursuit and was arrested near the station, police said. He was being questioned and there was no immediate information on his possible motive. Neumann said there appeared to be no connection between the suspect and the victims. The boy's mother was taken to a hospital and also was being questioned. There was no immediate information on her injuries. /

Germany: Africans harass women and urinate in crowded public bus

In a public bus in Saxony-Anhalt on Saturday evening an abnormal harassment took place. According to police reports on Sunday, a 22-year-old man harassed three women in the bus from Köthen to Halle (Saale), aged 18, 20 and 38, and urinated inside the bus. When the federal police checked the man and his two companions at the destination, a 19-year-old pulled down his trousers and exposed his genitals to the police officers.Two men were then temporarily arrested and another man was taken into custody. According to the police, the three suspects were "Africans" and had no valid identity documents with them.Such "actions" are more than just disgusting. This is a repeated demonstration of who has the say in public space.

There were more record low than high temperatures in the last 7 and 30 days

By Thomas Lifson

Here’s some news you won’t hear from the mainstream media. Desperate to hew to the propaganda campaign intended to scare us into handing over control of the economy to bureaucrats, the media have been hyping the notion that the earth is about to become an oven, and that a number of record high temperatures must mean that the original claim of doom due to global warming – since revised to be “climate change” and now “climate chaos” – is back in fashion.

But the website Alarmist Claim Research Files brings what Paul Harvey used to call “the rest of the story.”

In the last 7 and 30 days, there were more US record lows than highs. The heat wave in what has been a cool and wet spring and summer was intense but brief and mainly notable for the elevated nighttime temperatures. That nighttime warmth is consistent with the very wet first 6 months of 2019. Water vapor is by volume by far the most significant and potent greenhouse gas. Note the large number under HIGH MIN the last 30 days. There were also more DAILY and MONTHLY record lows than highs year to date.

Here is the tabular data:

Germany: A Palestinian threatened to detonate a bomb in a public bus to kill all passengers

On Friday afternoon a life-threatening situation occurred in a public bus in Neu-Ulm (Bavaria) "to the detriment of the bus driver and other passengers" (police report). An illegally immigrated Palestinian known to the police with a Jordanian passport threatened a crowded bus full of passengers with a bomb and other death threats in broad daylight. The suspect, who is 43 years old and has no permanent residence in Germany, got on the bus at the stop Memminger Straße in Neu-Ulm and asked the bus driver, after the latter had started his ride, whether the bus to Ulm would go to the hospital. After the bus driver denied this, the passenger immediately wanted to get out of the vehicle, which was on its way to  Ludwigsfeld. The bus driver then informed the man that he had to continue his journey until the next stop.Then the 43-year-old Jordanian became violent, began to scream and threatened to kill everyone by detonating a bomb in his backpack. He also held a brick in his hand and threatened to kill everyone in the vehicle. He then left the bus at the Rathiopharm Arena stop. An immediately initiated local search by several patrol crews led to the man being picked up and searched immediately.Further clarification by the police department also revealed that the perpetrator was wanted by various public prosecutors from the federal territory for the purpose of investigating his whereabouts.

Erdogan: Whoever is on Israel's side, we are against them

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday that his country will oppose anyone who supports Israel.

Erdogan made the comments while addressing senior provincial officials from his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Ankara. He was quoted by Iran’s Press TV.

“Whoever is on the side of Israel, let everyone know that we are against them,” stated Erdogan.

Erdogan added that Turkey will continue to promote the Palestinian cause regardless of efforts to undermine it mainly by supporters of the Israeli regime.

“We do not approve of silence on the state terror that Israel blatantly carries out in Palestine,” said the Turkish president, according to Press TV.

His comments followed last week’s demolition by Israel of illegal Palestinian Arab buildings on the outskirts Jerusalem.

The apartment buildings were built in the Wadi al-Hummus neighborhood of Sur Baher, an Arab enclave located almost entirely in Jerusalem.

The strip of land in Wadi al-Hummus area where the illegal structures are located, however, is just outside of the municipal borders of Jerusalem, but on the Jerusalem side of the security fence.The move was condemned on Monday by the European Union, which said the demolitions undermine the “viability of the two-state solution”.

The Palestinian Authority, meanwhile, accused Israel of carrying out a massacre and called on the international community “to intervene immediately and bring an end to Israeli aggression.”

Erdogan’s remarks are not the first time he has criticized Israel, despite the fact that the two countries signed a comprehensive reconciliation deal in 2016, ending a six-year diplomatic standoff following a violent encounter between Israeli soldiers and Islamist radicals on a ship attempting to break through the security blockade on Gaza.

In the past, the Turkish President has accused Israel of being a “terrorist state”, and called Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu a “terrorist”, after IDF forces opened fire on infiltrators during a Hamas-led confrontation on the Israel-Gaza border.

In March, Erdogan condemned Netanyahu’s affirmation of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people as “blatant racism”.

In response, Netanyahu tweeted, “Turkey’s dictator Erdogan attacks Israel’s democracy while Turkish journalists and judges fill his prisons. What a joke!”

“In Israel, no one is a second-class citizen. Israel is a democracy in which all Israelis, including our nearly 2 million Arab citizens, enjoy equal individual rights. But Israel is also the one and only Jewish state, with a Star of David on our flag, Hatikvah our national anthem, Hebrew our official language and where a Law of Return gives every Jew around the world the right to return to our ancestral homeland,” added the Prime Minister.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Germany: Syrian insulted and spat on man wearing a Kippa

When a 25-year-old German had just got out of a tram yesterday afternoon in Potsdam, a 19-year-old Syrian suddenly spat at him and insulted him anti-Semitically. The 25-year-old, wearing a kippa, immediately called the police via the 911 call.The police of the state of Brandenburg informed the Federal Police, which was able to arrest the perpetrator in front of the main station.A 17-year-old accomplice was also found on the spot, but as he did not take any action according to initial findings, he is brought as a witness in the now opened criminal proceedings. The police filed a complaint for incitement to hatred and dismissed the 19-year-old after establishing his personal details and an address suitable for summoning.

Germany: Female newspaper deliverer sexually harassed by a migrant

There was an incident in the street Badergasse in Eisleben this morning around 02:45 am. There a 68-year-old woman was on the way as a newspaper deliverer and was harassed by an unknown man and touched several times indecently. In addition, the man voiced sexual intentions. The man then pushed the woman to the ground and hit her. When a local resident addressed the man from a balcony, he left in an unknown direction. Immediately initiated search measures did not yet lead to the man being found. The victim was taken to hospital for treatment. The police have started criminal investigations and are looking for witnesses. Who can provide information about the incident and the man? The man is described as 20-30 years old, about 1.70m tall and Mediterranean. He spoke broken German, was dressed in dark and carried a black shoulder bag of the brand Adidas, which had a white logo. The police department in Halle (Saale) takes hints on the crime by calling 0345/224 1291.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

German economy in 'freefall'

German industry is in the deepest slump since the global financial crisis and threatens to push Europe’s powerhouse economy into full-blown recession. The darkening outlook is forcing the European Central Bank to contemplate ever more perilous measures. The influential Ifo Institute in Munich said its business climate indicator for manufacturing went into “free fall” in July as the delayed damage from global trade conflict takes its toll and confidence wilts. It goes far beyond the woes of the car industry. More than 80pc of Germany’s factories are in outright contraction.

MEP Calls for Repatriation of Illegal Migrants

Fidesz MEP Balazs Hidveghi on Wednesday said migrants who entered Europe illegally should be sent back to their home countries. “If we fail to do this, we’ll be further enhancing the illegality [of their stay],” Balázs Hidvéghi told a session of the European Parliament’s civil liberties committee. He said the European Union needed to establish a clearer position on the issue of migration than it has in the past. "Protecting the European Union’s external borders is of key importance when it comes to strengthening stability and ending the humanitarian crisis", Hidvéghi said. He added that the EU should continue to prioritise increasing the budgets of its police agency Europol, the judicial agency Eurojust and the European Police Academy (CEPOL).

Following Donauwörth now Freising, Germany : African attacks cars with wooden trunk (VIDEO)

After Donauwörth now Freising: An African attacks cars with tree trunks. Yesterday afternoon a "refugee" demolished three taxis at Freising station with a mighty stump. The attacker was fortunately arrested by the police shortly afterwards. So far, the press has not reported it. During the arrest an eyewitness (presumably a taxi driver) shouted: "Just deport this asshole! He doesn't belong here to Germany. He just belongs on the next plane and off to his homeland!"

A video from the German town of Donauwörth is currently causing a stir on the Internet. A rioting refugee can be seen. A 19-year-old Nigerian smashed the windows of several parked vehicles with a branch on Wednesday. These were parked vehicles belonging to employees of the local reception centre for asylum seekers. According to tabloid BILD, the property damage amounts to 50,000 euros. According to the police, the Nigerian only makes "confused and incoherent" statements and did not comment on the reason for his rampage.

Germany: Public swimming pool vacated again because of riots caused by North Africans

For the staff of some public swimming pools in Germany, the hottest time of the year is a real nightmare. On Friday in the Rheinbad in Düsseldorf, incomprehensible scenes took place again, which is why the police had to come once again, reports rp-online.A group of about 60 North Africans had not obeyed the instructions of the staff in the swimming pool in Düsseldorf and obviously tried to takeover command of the bath.According to Rheinbad managing director Roland Kettler, the wide slide and the diving platform were occupied by the young North Africans and orders were consistently ignored. The bath's shift leader is said to have been threatened by the ringleader of the large group. He will slap her against the wall, he is said to have replied to the woman when she gave her instructions, rp-online reports.At the time when the situation in the public swimming pool escalated, there were about 1500 guests in the facility. Even the six security staff were unable to cope with the angry North Africans. Similar incidents had already occurred in the Rheinbad on the last weekend of June. At that time even the policemen on duty were thrown at and pushed back, so that reinforcements had to be requested.According to the police headquarters, the police were alerted at 5.46 p.m. "because 60 youths behaved in the wrong way". The police deployed 18 officers - much less than last time.At 07.07 p.m. the Rheinbad had been evacuated. The security forces, which were hired by the management of the public swimming pool, could no longer do anything against the mob, "you also have to protect the security in this case", a police spokesman told rp-online.

Boris Johnson Reviving Britain's Standing on the World Stage

The appointment of Boris Johnson as Britain's new prime minister offers the serious prospect of a radical improvement in the bilateral ties between Washington and London following the froideur [chill] that came to define the transatlantic relationship under the outgoing prime minister, Theresa May.
While, in public, Mrs May offered loyal pledges of support to Donald Trump, and professed to enjoy a warm personal relationship with the American president, the reality was that the personal chemistry between the two leaders was often awkward, with Mrs May often failing to grasp Mr Trump's radical approach to global affairs.
The differences between the two are best summed up by Mrs May's failure to heed Mr Trump's advice on handling the challenging Brexit negotiations with the European Union. Mr Trump suggested London needed to play hardball with Brussels, even suggesting at one point that the UK should sue the EU as part of its negotiating strategy to demonstrate that it meant business.
This advice was completely contrary to Mrs May's mindset, as prevarication, obfuscation and a desperate desire to avoid confrontation at all costs were the characteristics that defined her premiership. Consequently, the negotiations resulted in the EU dictating the terms of the settlement. The subsequent withdrawal agreement was deemed so unacceptable that it failed to win the approval of the House of Commons, thereby ending Mrs May's premiership.
Moreover, throughout this sorry saga, relations between London and Washington continued to deteriorate to the point where, in one of Mrs May's last acts as prime minister, Britain declined an offer of American military support to protect British shipping in the Gulf, resulting in Iran's Revolutionary Guard hijacking a British-registered oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz and holding it captive in the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas.
Mrs May's reasoning for not accepting the American offer was that to do so might inflict further damage to the Iran nuclear deal which Britain, together with the other European signatories of the deal, Germany and France, still believe it can rescue.
Indeed, the reality of relations between Downing Street and the White House was best summed up in the leaked diplomatic correspondence of Sir Kim Darroch, the UK Ambassador to Washington, who described the Trump White House as being "dysfunctional", and denounced the president's decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal last year as being an act of "diplomatic vandalism" carried out to spite former President Barack Obama.
Now, following Mr Johnson' triumphant entry into Downing Street this week, the expectation on both sides of the Atlantic is that there will be a radical upgrade in relations between London and Washington, not least because of the strong personal chemistry that exists between Mr Johnson and the president. Mr Trump has already publicly professed his admiration for the new British premier, remarking that, "They call him Britain Trump".
Furthermore, Mr Johnson has signalled his determination radically to change Britain's approach to global affairs by undertaking a wholesale revision of personnel in the key political positions.
In what commentators in London are calling the "summer's day massacre", a total of 17 of Mrs May's senior cabinet ministers have either been sacked or offered their resignations. These include Jeremy Hunt, whose last act as Foreign Secretary was to reject Washington's offer to protect shipping in the Gulf and instead came up with the preposterous notion of establishing a "European Maritime Mission" to do the job instead. As France and Britain are the only European countries with navies capable of undertaking such a task, the notion was dead in the water before it even started.
Mr Johnson's determination to help Britain reclaim its status as a leading world power after the drift of the May years is reflected in the calibre of his appointments, especially regarding Britain's engagement with the outside world.
These include Dominic Raab, the new Foreign Secretary who served briefly as Brexit Secretary under Mrs May before resigning over the terms of her withdrawal agreement. Considered one of the more hawkish members of the new administration, Mr Raab is the son of a Czech-born Jewish refugee who fled the Nazis in 1938. Previously he has worked as a lawyer at the Foreign Office, where he helped to prosecute war criminals and advised on Arab-Israeli negotiations.
Ben Wallace, the new defence secretary, is another appointment that bodes well for fulfilling Mr Johnson's more assertive outlook. A former officer in the British Army, in his previous job as Security Minister he took a hard line on Islamist terror groups such as Hezbollah.
Thus, with politicians of this calibre occupying key positions in the new British government, Mr Johnson now has a golden opportunity to revive Britain's standing on the world stage, one where the close relationship between Washington and London will be one of the pillars of Britain's dynamic new approach.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Germany: Turk in custody after sexual assault on 89-year-old woman

An 89-year-old woman was the victim of a sexual assault on Friday afternoon last week, around 5.25 p.m., in the Kneipp street in Eppingen. The woman was busy watering the flowers in her garden. A stranger offered her help watering the flowers through the closed garden gate. At the moment when the victim wanted to go back to her house, the stranger jumped over the garden gate and cut off her path. Then the suspect pushed the woman into the stairwell and grabbed a handbag lying there. The woman defended herself and snatched the handbag from him. When she asked the stranger to leave the house, he grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her into the adjoining living room. There he brought the elderly woman to the ground and wanted to perform sexual acts. The woman managed to defend herself. She also managed to activate the home emergency call. When someone called the house intercom, the suspect escaped. On Thursday evening, a 53-year-old Turk was temporarily arrested in Eppingen on the basis of a witness tip. The man is suspected of having attacked the woman. Today, Friday, the suspect was brought before the responsible magistrate at the request of the Heilbronn public prosecutor's office. The requested arrest warrant was issued. The man was admitted to a prison.

Rapist Who Murdered 14 Year Old Schoolgirl Named as Ayman Aziz

Ayman Aziz
West Midlands Police

Reporting restrictions on the identity of Ayman Aziz, who lured a 14-year-old girl to a public park before raping and murdering her have been lifted after his bid to have a life sentence reduced failed.

Ayman Aziz, a 17-year-old resident of Wolverhampton in England’s West Midlands region was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of 14-year-old Viktorija Sokolova, and to ten years for raping the teenager. Due to the nature of the British justice system life sentences rarely if ever mean life spent in prison, and Aziz is presently eligible for parole in 19 years. The additional ten-year rape sentence runs concurrently rather than consecutively with the murder charge, and so doesn’t increase the total time behind bars.14-year-old victim Viktorija Sokolova was discovered the morning after her rape and murder half-naked, bent over a park bench by a dog walker. The court that convicted Aziz heard how he had contacted Viktorija on Facebook messenger and asked her to meet him to talk and smoke cannabis. When Aziz asked the child to have sex with him, she refused and she was attacked in a pavilion and then dragged, alive or dead, 150-yards to the bench.

The attack against Viktorija was said to have been “ferocious and sustained”, when she was hit 21 times with a hammer with such force that three of her teeth came out. Aziz then hurled Viktorija’s phone towards an ornamental lake in the park, and hid his clothes and mobile phone.Aziz had appealed his life sentence, and the court of repeal heard how he had been “bullied” in detention.

Wolverhampton’s West Park, which was once the centrepiece of a prosperous industrial town but it now surrounded by dilapidated multiple-occupancy properties converted from formerly impressive Victorian detached homes. The diverse area and adjacent neighbourhoods are now known for rising crime and sexual violence, according to a recent report by local news site Birmingham Live.

Italy: Carabiniere cop stabbed to death by Africans

Two men thought to be of African origins are being sought in connection with the stabbing to death over the night between Thursday and Friday of an on-duty Carabiniere police officer in the Italian capital. The 35-year-old Carabiniere Deputy Brigadier Mario Cerciello Rega is believed to have been with other colleagues in the process of arresting two men believed to be behind a case of theft and extortion when one of the men pulled out a knife and stabbed him several times. Both men were able to escape. Cerciello Rega was taken to the hospital but died of the injuries sustained in the attack.

The Special Relationship Between the U.S. and the UK

By Michael Curtis

Just friends, lovers no more. Just friends, but not like before. Just two friends drifting apart. Is this to be the fate of the interaction between the United States and the UK?

The fall of France in June 1940, and its surrender to Nazi Germany with which it signed an armistice on June 22, changed the balance of power in Europe. The Entente Cordiale begun in 1904 between France and Britain was ended and a more intense cooperation developed between Britain and the United States beginning with the creation of the Combined Chiefs of Staff in December 1941. The change was decisive, marked by remark on June 2, 1944 of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to General Charles de Gaulle, “Each time I have to choose between you (and France) and Roosevelt, I shall choose Roosevelt.”

The term “Special Relationship” (SR) between the U.S. and UK was devised by the half-American Winston Churchill. Always conscious of the link between his two countries when he said on February 6, 1944 that it was his “deepest conviction that unless Britain and the United States are joined in a special relationship …another destructive war will come to pass.” In November 1945 he stated, “We should not abandon our special relationship with the United States and Canada about the atomic bomb.”

After World War II, Churchill uttered the phrase a third time when, in his majestic “Iron Curtain” speech at Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri on March 5, 1946, he asserted that the U.S. stands at this time at the pinnacle of world power. Churchill declared that “Neither the sure prevention of war, nor the continuous rise of world organization will be gained without what I have called the fraternal association of the English-speaking peoples… a special relationship between the British Commonwealth and Empire and the United States.”

Churchill was optimistic about the growing friendship between “our two vast but kindred systems of society.” Included in this were intimate contacts with military advisors, possession of similar weapons, interchange of officers and cadets at technical colleges, continuation of present facilities for mutual security.

Crucial problems, past and present, are inherent in the relationship. The first was whether Churchill’s invention, the “special relationship,” was always more useful for the UK than for the U.S. Secretary of State Dean Acheson, a great believer in the value of the North Atlantic community, in a speech at West Point in December 1962 was candid, even brutal, in commenting on the declining power of Great Britain said it had “lost an empire but not yet found a role." That role was envisaged by Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, “We are Greeks in this American empire, the new Rome.”

A second issue was the fluctuation in the warmth and meaningfulness of the SP. Much depended on the two individual leaders, seemingly friendly between Churchill and FDR, Harold Macmillan and JFK, Reagan and Thatcher, Tony Blair and George W. Bush. Less friendly was the interaction between President Barack Obama and the UK. Early in his presidency, Obama removed the bust of Churchill in the Oval Office, replacing it with one of Martin Luther King, Jr. At the end of his presidency, Obama remarked that it was German Chancellor Angela Merkel who had been his closest international partner during his eight years in office.

President Trump, perhaps overcome by the events of his state visit to Britain and black-tie dinners in Buckingham Palace and Blenheim Palace, in July 2019 gave a toast to eternal friendship between the two countries and declared hyperbolically that the SR was the greatest alliance the world has ever known.

Naturally differences emerged between the two countries. President Dwight Eisenhower opposed the British, and French attack on Egypt in 1956. Prime Minister Harold Wilson refused in 1965 to support President Lyndon Johnson’s escalation of the war in Vietnam. Ronald Reagan was critical of Thatcher’s decision in 1982 to attack Argentina over the Falkland Islands.

The important question today is whether the SR still exists in reality, and is relevant, and whether it exists and is limited to certain areas such as defense, especially in light of the proposal by French President Emmanuel Macron for the EU to create a European army that will present problems for the UK, U.S., and NATO.

The link between the two countries today is still strong in defense and security and some economic issues; Trident nuclear missiles, nuclear reactors, and the F-35 stealth fighter program. The UK is somewhat closer to the U.S. than to Europe on certain issues; the Iran nuclear deal; sharing military intelligence; NATO; the Syrian civil war; trade policy, attitudes toward Putin and Russia, and climate change policy. It is less close on issues like chlorinated chicken and pharmaceutical matters.

In a 2010 Atlantic Bridge survey, 57 per cent of U.S. thought the SR was the world’s most important bilateral partnership. Only 2 per cent disagreed, while 60 percent thought UK was the only country most likely to support the U.S. in a crisis. Indeed, the UK was the only country to contribute troops to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. The two countries face the problem of Iran, and its aggressive behavior in seizing oil tankers as the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps did on July 19, 2019 when it seized the Stena Imperio, an oil tanker with a British flag and its 23-member crew, though Swedish owned, and shot down a U.S. drone. The U.S., together with the UK, has to prevent Iran from controlling the Strait of Hormuz. The Strait, 21 miles wide with two shipping lanes two miles wide, allows access to the Persian Gulf, and is vital since one-third of all global oil and one-third of the world’s liquified natural gas passes through it. Most of this goes to Asia, not the West, but it affects global energy supplies and prices.

Both the U.S. and UK are concerned by this aggressive behavior, by the realization that Iran is likely to restart its nuclear program, and that the nuclear deal was a mistake. It is impossible for UK to protect every ship in the Gulf from Iranian forces since it has only Type 23 frigates in the region and four mine hunters. The U.S. has the 5thfleet in Bahrain, including one aircraft carrier, one guided-missile cruiser, five destroyers, two amphibious vessels, and two submarines. Both the U.S. and UK are concerned to prevent any attempt by Iran to disrupt the flow of oil through the Gulf since the U.S. withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal.

The UK, like the Trump administration, wants to avoid military action against Iran, but both uphold the principle of freedom of navigation, and keeping the Strait of Hormuz open to all shipping. The extent of collaboration between the two countries on this and other issues has to be revaluated in view of the Conservative politician Boris Johnson, elected on July 23, 2019 to be leader of the Conservative party, by two to one majority, and in a few days to become prime minister.

By curious coincidence Boris, like Winston Churchill, is half American, since he was born in Manhattan in 1964, until he renounced his American citizenship in 2017, largely over capital gains taxation. Johnson had the comfortable family background, elite educational training -- Eton, Balliol College Oxford -- and after some years as a journalist, held political positions including M.P., mayor of London, 2008-2016, foreign minister 2016-2018, and is a supporter of Brexit.

In some characteristics he resembles Trump -- a brash, entertaining, theatrical manner, somewhat unfocused, unconventional, unpredictable, problems with extra-marital affairs. Like Trump’s aversion from the media, Johnson terms the BBC the “Brexit Bashing Corporation.” Johnson is the life and soul of the party, but you would not want to drive him home. Charismatic, he is, as one friend said, the stardust of British politics.

When Donald Trump was a candidate Johnson made some unflattering remarks about him, and worried he might become president. Since then, he has praised Trump for various policies: critic of the European Union, attitude on migrant children, bombing of Syria, talks with North Korea, pressure on NATO members to increase defense spending, capital allowances for business. Trump, according to Boris, has many, many, good qualities. It was noticeable that Trump tweeted his best wishes to Johnson within a half hour after Boris was elected, and hopes to have good relations.

This promptness of congratulations augurs well for friendly relations and maintenance of the SR. Both Boris and Trump can join forces not only in dealing with Iran, but also with negotiations with the EU over Brexit. The UK can then continue to punch above its weight.

Weakened Notre Dame at Risk of Collapse in European Heatwave

The chief architect of Notre Dame in Paris said he is concerned that the ongoing heatwave in Europe could risk the structural integrity of the fire-damaged cathedral.

Philippe Villeneuve said that he was deeply concerned about how the soaring temperatures would affect the already weakened structure of the building, fearing that it would even lead to a possible collapse, France Info reports.

On Thursday, Paris saw a record 42.6 degrees Celcius (108.9 degrees Fahrenheit), the hottest temperature in the French capital since records began.

“My anxiety is that the masonry joints, by dint of drying, lose their coherence, their cohesion, and their structural cavity, and that, in turn, the vault may fall,” Villeneuve said.

Work continues in the heat to empty the cathedral of remaining debris caused by the firewhich destroyed the historic roof and spire of the church in April.

Following the tragic fire, French President Emmanuel Macron promised to rebuild the cathedral and while some feared that the cathedral may become modernised by the influence of modern architects, the French senate voted in May to rebuild the structure as it was before the fire occurred.

The Senate also expressed concerns about the five-year timeline proposed by the French leader, saying that it would lead to “cutting corners” in order to have the work completed on time.

Several prominent French billionaires also promised to pay millions to the restoration of the cathedral in the wake of the fire, but according to a report last month, none of the billionaires have so far given a penny to the project.

“The big donors haven’t paid. Not a cent,” Notre Dame press official André Finot said and added: “They want to know what exactly their money is being spent on and if they agree to it before they hand it over, and not just to pay employees’ salaries.”

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Germany: Attempt to commit murder - Six Afghans arrested

On the 13th of July a group of several people attacked a young man on the Kolping street in Rheine and injured him life-threateningly with blows, kicks and stabs. "Immediately after the crime 4 accused persons had been arrested, in 3 cases a judge ordered the detention on remand", explained Chief Public Prosecutor Stefan Lechtape  in Münster yesterday,"After successful investigations and searches, two further suspects have now been arrested." "A wanted 19-year-old Afghan from Rheine could be arrested in the police station there on last Monday ", Thomas Götze, head of the homicide commission, summarized today. "We successfully completed our search for an 18-year-old Afghan last Tuesday with the arrest in Lengerich." At the request of the public prosecutor's office in Münster, the arrested were brought before the magistrate. "For both accused persons a judge approved the prosecution's request and issued an arrest warrant for attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm," the senior prosecutor continued. The two men are in remand. "On the basis of clues, we have received some clues for clarifying the facts of the crime," added the chief detective. "The Homicide Commission is investigating these indications and is now concentrating on clarifying the still unclear background to the crime.

'Kill the Jews' says Hamas. In Paris you are free to do so

by Giulio Meotti

“Kill all Jews”, said a Hamas chief, Fathi Hammad. These terrible words resonate now also in Europe.
Why do the progressives continue to support the Palestinian Arabs, not recognizing who really are the enemies of Israel, the Jews and the West?
The explanation lies in Paris, where Arabs rallied and fought hard for the Palestinian Intifada (in July 2014, during the war in Gaza, Jews got attacked even inside the French synagogues). Kabili Traore killed a neighboring French Jew, Sarah Halimi, shouting "Allahu Akbar". But to the (in)justice system of Paris, the barbarian is not responsible as he smoked cannabis.
If you throw someone down with your car after drinking, they condemn you to a more severe sentence. If you throw a Jew from the window after smoking cannabis, they send you free. The French justice jsystem ust ruled that the 27-year old man from Mali could not be held criminally responsible for the murder of Halimi.
As Traore beat Halimi, he was heard screaming “Shaitan” (Arabic for “Satan”) and a few weeks beforehand Traore had called Halimi’s daughter a “dirty Jewess” in their building elevator in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.
Francis Kalifat, president of the official representative body of French Jews, called the view of the French court “shocking”. Because France - where several Jews have been killed and maimed, where thousands fled abroad and changed their city to avoid being attacked on the street - has officially betrayed the Jewish people again after Vichy. The French cesspit is flooded. The Jews will leave the country or become invisible, France will be Islamized and it will deserve it. They are rotten inside.