Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Austria: Politician critical of Islam Dönmez and daughter (11 years old) beaten up by a Chechen

The Upper Austrian Islam critic and member of the National Council Efgani Dönmez was beaten up by a Chechen on Sunday evening on the street Linzer Landstraße and taken to hospital with injuries. The terrible incident is said to have occurred before the eyes of Dönmez's eleven-year-old daughter.The 23-year-old attacker had previously hidden behind a car when he surprisingly attacked the former Austrian People's Party politician and his daughter on the pedestrian zone. Dönmez and his daughter were first verbally insulted by the Chechen. Later, the man grabbed an umbrella that had been placed in front of a betting office and attacked Dönmez and the girl. The member of the National Council was able to stand in front of his helpless daughter in a protective manner and thus received all the blows of the brutal Chechen.Dönmez (42 years old) suffered a finger fracture, a laceration on his head and was admitted to a hospital in Linz with several bruises. The police arrested the perpetrator of Chechen descent. The Turkish Cultural Community (TKG) is sending out speculations that the attack could have been an order from a third party.

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