Saturday, July 06, 2019

Germany: A Mediterranean-looking man in a tram suddenly reaches into a woman's pram and chokes her 6-month-old baby

A 29-year-old woman (blonde hair tied to a plait and a white top) and her child (6 months; female), lying in a pram, got on a new low-floor tram line 4, direction Stötteritz, at Leipzig main station around 7:40 p.m. or later (7:50 p.m.) on May 30, 2019. At the stop Stötteritzer Straße/Riebeckstraße an unknown man with the following description got on at about 7:53 p.m. or a little later, about 8:03 p.m.:
- Mediterranean appearance
- Age between 40 and 50 years
- black full beard, black shirt
- unkempt appearance
The 29-year-old woman herself was at the time in the rear area (pram area), standing in front of the pram. The unknown person briefly looked at the 29-year-old and suddenly went to the pram. The unknown suspect then reached into the pram with his left hand and choked the baby's neck. Instinctively, the mother tried to knock his hand away, but this didn't succeed immediately. Thereupon she pulled an animal repellent spray out of her pocket and sprayed it into the face of the stranger. 
He then staggered back and fell down. At that moment the tram stopped at the Stötteritzer station, where the mother got out with the pram and ran home. She then informed the police. An emergency doctor was called and examined the baby, which did not suffer any injuries and was healthy. However, the immediate measures taken by the police afterwards did not lead to a success due to the late reporting.
The criminal investigation department is looking for passengers and witnesses who can provide information on the facts of the case. They are requested to report to the police station Leipzig-Zentrum, Dimitroffstraße 1 in 04107 Leipzig by calling (0341) 966-34224 or (0341) 966-34100.

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