Monday, July 29, 2019

Germany: A Palestinian threatened to detonate a bomb in a public bus to kill all passengers

On Friday afternoon a life-threatening situation occurred in a public bus in Neu-Ulm (Bavaria) "to the detriment of the bus driver and other passengers" (police report). An illegally immigrated Palestinian known to the police with a Jordanian passport threatened a crowded bus full of passengers with a bomb and other death threats in broad daylight. The suspect, who is 43 years old and has no permanent residence in Germany, got on the bus at the stop Memminger Straße in Neu-Ulm and asked the bus driver, after the latter had started his ride, whether the bus to Ulm would go to the hospital. After the bus driver denied this, the passenger immediately wanted to get out of the vehicle, which was on its way to  Ludwigsfeld. The bus driver then informed the man that he had to continue his journey until the next stop.Then the 43-year-old Jordanian became violent, began to scream and threatened to kill everyone by detonating a bomb in his backpack. He also held a brick in his hand and threatened to kill everyone in the vehicle. He then left the bus at the Rathiopharm Arena stop. An immediately initiated local search by several patrol crews led to the man being picked up and searched immediately.Further clarification by the police department also revealed that the perpetrator was wanted by various public prosecutors from the federal territory for the purpose of investigating his whereabouts.

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