Friday, July 05, 2019

Germany: Stabbing between Syrians and North Africans

A 21-year-old Syrian was injured yesterday, Thursday afternoon. The young man and three other young Syrians were walking on the bottom of the street Hauptstraße in Bergisch Gladbach at 1:15 pm. From the opposite side of the road, a 30 year old North African came to the group and started a verbal argument with a 15 year old man who was then pushed. The 21-year-old intervened and wanted to end the quarrel.Suddenly the North African pulled a knife and stabbed in the direction of the 21-year-old. During a defensive movement, however, he was hit in the face and slightly injured. The ambulance  brought him to a clinic in Cologne for treatment. The attacker fled immediately after the attack. Despite intensive search measures he could not be caught. The North African is known briefly to a witness. The relevant investigations are ongoing.

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