Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Germany: A Syrian was released from custody due to overload of the judiciary and thereupon he sexually coerced a 12-year-old girl

Mustafa K. (40 y/o) should have been imprisoned for an attack on a club, but the judiciary let him go because it was heavily overloaded. After that he is said to have tried to kiss a girl (12 years old). Jamie-Lee (12 years old) from Frankfurt (Oder) was looking for her Bluetooth speakers. "I know where they are," Mustafa K. is said to have said to her. "Over there, in Lenné Park."The girl went into the park with the Syrian unsuspectingly. Suddenly he tried to kiss her. Then he is said to have bare himself in front of her! "I ran as fast as I could," says Jamie-Lee. To this day she panics when she walks along the park. It really did not have to occur. Because: Mustafa K. was only on the loose because the Higher Regional Court let him go because of overload of the judiciary!Mustafa K. is one of the Syrians who, after a dispute last August, attacked guests of the Frankfurt "Frosch Club" with iron bars, knives and stones.

The armed Arabs stormed the hip club in Frankfurt on the Oder early Sunday morning. Between 15-20 men took part in the assault and according to witnesses the perpetrators were aged around 25-35 years old and armed with knives and rods.

They were shouting, “Allahu Akhbar — we will stab you all!” and tried to storm the club, according to eyewitnesses.

One of the club’s operators reported frightening scenes in the club on the radio station It all started shortly before 3 o’clock on Sunday morning during a 90s party. The people were having a good time. Then two Arab-looking guests in the club began to harass and provoke people by smashing bottles on their heads.

When the situation escalated despite the attempts to reassure those present, there were more and more frequent cries of Allahu Akbar and threats to kill all the guests. The club operator had to admit that he could not bring the situation under control by himself, and tried to call the police for help.

But this was not possible, because the club operator discovered that the police were unavailable, after several attemps to call them.

While club officials tried to reach the police repeatedly, a group of more than 15 armed Arabs stormed the grounds of the club. They immediately began to throw stones at the guests who were in the courtyard of the club. Some were hit on the head. Club operators tried to usher their guests into the club and closed the doors to keep them from suffering worse attacks.

The guests who did not make it to the club, tried to run away and hide under cars. “It was like a war scene – everyone was in acute danger to their lives,” said the club operator. Then the attackers began to smash windows and tried to break open the doors as the club’s guests barricaded themselves inside.

Only after 12 minutes did the club operators manage to reach law enforcement. It took, according to the radio station, half an hour before the first police officers arrived on the scene. “People were in a panic, we knew that we were actually in mortal danger.”

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