Monday, July 15, 2019

Racism alert in Austria: Man with the surname " Nigger " receives a pig head as birthday gift

When someone in the country celebrates his 30th birthday, but is not yet married, he is gifted a pig’s head according to an old custom.  There was such a thing for David Neger in Tulln as the internet portal „NÖN“ reports recently. But the birthday boy also got a report from the police.Because his last name „Neger“ means „Nigger“ in the German language. Already the day after his birthday David Neger got a visit from the policemen.
There were complaints and also a complaint about the pig’s head and the banner. The 30-year-old had already suspected that the dead pig’s head near the Severin church could cause trouble, and wanted to remove it the next day anyway because of the heat. In fact, it was also the banner that caused the complaint.Because on the lettering there was Neger’s last name, some might have suspected racism. „My name’s Neger.I won’t let my name change either,“ he wondered in the „NÖN“ interview. The complaint is now with the district administration. It remains to be seen whether there will be an administrative penalty for banners and pig’s head.

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