Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Germany: Islamic migrants insult female bus driver as "whore" because she does not wear a headscarf

Young Orientals going wild: At first they cheekily and provocatively squatted with their naked upper bodies in a public bus and mobbed at other passengers - then they insulted the bus driver, who had asked them to get dressed, as a "whore" because she didn't wear a headscarf: A group of about eight young people of migrant origin," Mediterranean-looking ", showed yesterday afternoon how well everyday integration works in Berlin.The driver alerted the police, but the gang managed to leave the bus at the next stop. As they got off, one of the antisocial elements also smashed a window.By the time the police arrived, the suspected Turkish and/or Arab gang at the age of 16-18 had fled, as the newspaper "Berliner Kurier" reports. For the police in the multicultural Armageddon city of Berlin, this was only a normal routine case.It would of course have been quite different if a Muslim bus driver had been attacked or insulted by Germans for wearing a headscarf: the outrage concerning "Islamophobia" and "racism" on the part of the Red-Red-Green Senate and the Central Council of Muslims would have been nationwide, and the state security would have initiated the investigations. 
But if immigrants tell the stupid German unbelievers who the ruler is in Germany, it's a trifle. Germans shouldn't be pathetic.

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