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Belinda de Lucy On Brexit Party’s Domestic Policies And Splitting Brexit Vote

Corbyn’s Brother Trashes Open Borders, Brands Extinction Rebellion a Soros-Funded Globalist Scam

Deported serial offender Ibrahim Miri back in Bremen, Germany - He has now applied for asylum

A few months after being deported to Lebanon, Ibrahim Miri, a leading member of the Bremen Miri clan, is back in the Hanseatic city. This confirmed the Bremen Interior Authority. "There is a ban on entry and residence, so it was obviously illegal to enter Germany, and criminal investigations have been initiated," said spokeswoman Karen Stroink. According to information from the weekly SPIEGEL, the Bremen district court has now ordered deportation detention until December 2 against Miri. Miri had arrived a few days ago, his lawyer Albert Timmer told the regional magazine "buten un binnen", which had first reported on the return. He had requested asylum for his client in writing, said the lawyer. Miri had returned to Bremen because he had been threatened with death in Lebanon.According to SPIEGEL information, Miri had been provisionally arrested for illegal entry into the Federal territory.Before his deportation in July, Miri had been subject to a seven-year ban on entry, according to a decision by the Bremen interior authority, which is received by SPIEGEL magazine.
According to the report by "buten un binnen", Miri, as his attorney said, "because of his entry without a required visa and passport" self-reported. Furthermore, he filed a complaint against the Interior Authority with the Bremen Administrative Court, as the deportation was unlawful.
Miri is suspect in around 150 crimes. He was convicted several times in Germany for drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping. According to police evidence, he was president of the banned rocker group Mongol MC. He was sentenced to six years in prison. Germany had unsuccessfully tried to expel him for more than two decades.

WATCH: German soccer league referee knocked unconscious by Turkish-born soccer player

Muslim migrant soccer players are behaving more and more violently. A brutal incident occurred recently during a football match in Dieburg, Germany. During the match between Dieburg and FSV Münster in the 11th league, one player of the home team had to be sent off.The latter then went completely berserk. In an Internet video you can see how the referee sent the Turkish-born Münster player Hayri Güven with team number 12 off the pitch. The disgruntled player then punched the referee brutally in the face. The referee immediately fell to the ground and, according to media reports, was knocked unconscious. The thug, on the other hand, is said to have disappeared from the pitch without caring for his victim. The game had to be stopped in the 85th minute.

Epstein death likely a homicide according to Dr. Baden, but NYC medical examiner defends suicide verdict

By Thomas Lifson

How gullible do the powers-that-be think we are?

Dr. Michael Baden, the renowned pathologist hired by the family of Jeffrey Epstein to attend his autopsy, examine evidence, and render an opinion, announced yesterday morning on Fox & Friends that he believes the evidence points to homicide, rather than the official verdict of suicide. The Chief Medical Examiner of New York City, Dr. Barbara Samson, is defending her verdict, stating, “The original medical investigation was thorough and complete. There is no reason for a second medical investigation by our office.”

Dr. Baden made several telling points that were not addressed by Dr. Samson, however. Baden referred to the fractures in Epstein’s neck that are consistent with strangulation, not with hanging from a low rope (in this case a ligature made from strips of a bed sheet – that should not have been in the cell but inexplicably was).

“I’ve not seen in 50 years where that occurred in a suicidal hanging case,” he said of the particular fractures found on Epstein’s neck.

Baden also noted that DNA tests on the ligature have not been released. If an attacker not wearing gloves had fashioned the ligature and strangled Epstein with it, there would be DNA on it. In addition, no evidence has been released abut DNA under Epstein’s fingernails which might have been ther had he fought off an attacker.

Baden revealed that at the time of the autopsy, the doctor overseeing the procedure “didn’t think there was enough information to say suicide,” and initially put the status of the case to “pending further study,” before changing it and publicly releasing the suicide ruling.

What other factors were brought to bear enabling the change of the verdict to suicide? We don’t know. But the lack of comment from Dr. Samson on the missing evidence cited by Dr. Baden raises suspicions in the eyes of those of us aware of how many powerful people Epstein could have brought down if he lived to cut a deal and testify.

If Epstein was assassinated while in federal custody, a lot of palms had to be greased (or threatened) in order to have guards conveniently asleep, surveillance cameras conveniently non-functional, suicide watch conveniently ended, a cellmate conveniently removed, and an assassin either recruited from the staff or inmates or infiltrated and exfiltrated while obtaining access to Epstein’s cell.

That is a lot of coincidences and a lot of evidence being withheld from the public.

I consider the possibility that Epstein actually killed himself in despair – despite speaking about his future shortly before his death – highly unlikely. Certainly, the Chief Medical Examiner of NYC owes the public a complete view of the evidence that caused her to move from the position taken during the autopsy, that there was not enough evidence for a verdict of suicide, to the official verdict of suicide. Absent such a complete airing, we are justified in assuming that a massive cover-up has been accomplished in order to protect people like Bill Clinton and Britain’s Prince Andrew, both known associates of Epstein and frequent visitors to his Orgy Island retreat, not to mention the assorted billionaires and celelrnities with whom he associated and whom he cultivated.

It is very unpleasant to have to ponder the theory that a cabal of our ruling class engaged in organized sexual exploitation of minors and that they have been able to protect themselves from discovery with an assassination operation extending to a federal prison and the authorities responsible for investigating it.

Abu Bakr's death: America can be proud, Europe ashamed

by Giulio Meotti
At the end of the day, the Americans as always - those Americans who we Europeans like to portray as uncivilized bumpkinss who do not distinguish Slovenia from Slovakia, eating burgers and not escargot, but who seem to know a little bit about civilization and self-defense and good and evil - those Americans managed to enter into that tunnel in Idlib and send the Caliph of Death to his 72 virgins. Had we waited for the Europeans, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi would still be here for a long time, continuing to rape real women and order massacres of innocent people.
The "Kayla Mueller" operation that led to the elimination of Al Baghdadi bears the name of the American girl kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered personally by the Caliph of ISIS. Kayla underwent this treatment for refusing to renounce her faith, Christianity. Daniel Rye Ottosen, a Danish fellow prisoner, said that the men of ISIS "were impressed by the strength that (Kayla) showed them." Too bad that on this day of Western victory against the forces of evil the story of this girl has been so little evoked.
Thanks, America!
Americans can be proud, Europeans should be ashamed. The chatter of European columnists about Trump’s announcement on “Abu Bakaar al Baghdadi” is worthless. The day when Sweden or Germany or Belgium or Spain eliminates terrorist leaders, flushing them in the tunnels of the Middle East, we will gain the right to speak. We European are only able to raise terrorists en masse and then "de-radicalize" them. America is Mars, Europe is Venus. We are the warm bed of the enemies of civilization.
We must thank the Kurds for also helping to give us the Caliph. "For five months there has been joint cooperation on the ground and careful monitoring, up to the operation to kill Abu Bakr al Baghdadi," wrote Mazloum Abdi, general commander of Kurdish fighters known as Syrian Defense Forces. Kurds, who have already lost 11,000 men in the ISIS war. The were decisive in locating Baghdadi, the Americans entered that sewer and eliminated him.
And the Europeans? Oh yes, there are also Europeans in this story. The European volunteers who went to fight with al Baghdadi.

WATCH: French police shoot at knife-armed migrant shouting "Allahu Akbar

The 19-year-old Algerian-born migrant living in Grenoble shouts "Allahu Akbar". He apparently threatens in Arabic language. Despite repeated demands, he refuses to let his knives fall. " Let go of your knife "! the police in plain clothes scream. The migrant did not comply, so the policemen had to use the gun to arrest the man. The incident occurred on the 29th of October 2019.

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Farage And Boris Urged Not To Split Brexit Vote

Merkel's Africans: In Korntal, Germany, for example (VIDEO)

The black Africans wanted more beer at the Tschur beverage market in Korntal, but did not get any, as they were already drunk. As a result they smashed Paul L.'s garden house and then Markus S.'s car. By the way, the driver remained surprisingly calm, although his car was smashed...

Berlin: 70-year-old man beaten in anti-Semitic attack

A 70-year-old man was beaten in Berlin in what news reports have described as an anti-Semitic incident. The victim suffered wounds to his head and chin in the Monday afternoon attack, which started with a verbal assault featuring anti-Semitic insults. He lost his balance and fell while trying to defend himself. The victim had tried to respond verbally to the insults before he was beaten. The assailant, whose identity is unknown, fled when a passerby rushed to the scene. Police are investigating. It is not clear from reports in the German media whether the victim actually is Jewish. The attack is one of several against Jews reported in recent months in the German capital, including one in which men on a balcony spat on a rabbi and his young son on their way home from synagogue on a Friday night. That investigation was dropped for lack of evidence. “It is unacceptable that in broad daylight someone taking a walk is subjected to an anti-Semitic insults and then beaten up when he tries to defend himself verbally,” Berlin Mayor Michael Müller said Tuesday when reports of the attack were published. “These kinds of attacks must not become everyday occurrences in Berlin.” In the 13 months from July 1, 2018, to July 31, 2019, Berlin reportedly investigated 488 criminal cases related to anti-Semitism; in 169 cases, the perpetrators were not identified. Many of the cases involved vandalism of property, insults and threats. Muller thanked the passerby, who “showed courage and civic-mindedness by intervening and causing the perpetrator to flee.”

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Remainers Accept Defeat As Boris Confirms Brexit Election

Germany Charges Two Syrian Migrants, Allegedly Secret Service Officers, With Crimes Against Humanity

German prosecutors said Tuesday they have charged two suspected former members of Syria’s secret police with crimes against humanity in a case that human rights campaigners say marks a major step in the fight to hold to account Syrian officials responsible for atrocities in the country’s long-running civil war. Federal prosecutors said in a statement that one of the men, identified only as Anwar R. due to privacy rules, is alleged to have abetted the abuse of political detainees at a prison he oversaw near Damascus, known as Branch 251, during the early stages of the uprising against the government of President Bashar al-Assad. “In the period between the end of April 2011 and the beginning of September 2012 at least 4,000 prisoners were subjected to brutal and massive torture by subordinates of the accused during their interrogations there,” German prosecutors said in a statement. “At least 58 people died as a result of the abuse.”“As head of the investigation unit Anwar R. determined and oversaw working procedures in the prison and thereby also the use of systematic and brutal torture,” prosecutors added. R., who is in his late 50s, has been indicted on counts of participating in crimes against humanity, rape, serious sexual abuse and 58 cases of murder. The second suspect, identified as Eyad A., is accused of contributing to crimes against humanity by enabling the torture and imprisonment of at least 30 protesters in late 2011. The suspect, in his early 40s, was part of a unit that arrested people following a demonstration in the city of Douma and took them to the Branch 251 prison, where they were severely mistreated. The men were allegedly members of Syria’s General Intelligence Directorate until they left the country in late 2012 and early 2013. Both men later came to Germany, where they were arrested in February. The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights called the case “an important step in the fight against impunity.” The Berlin-based group, which helps victims of abuse in Syria and elsewhere, said the case was the result of a series of criminal complaints submitted over the past three years by almost 50 Syrian torture survivors, relatives, activists, and lawyers in Germany, Austria and Sweden. Five of the torture victims plan to join the trial as co-plaintiffs, as allowed under German law. Patrick Kroker, a lawyer representing three of the victims, said his clients were politically active in Syria in some form, mostly by participating in protests against the Assad government or documenting them, before they were imprisoned and tortured at Branch 251. “They hope this trial will achieve something beyond their individual cases,” Kroker told The Associated Press. “They want to show that these weren’t isolated incidents and that such crimes are still taking place today.” The trial is expected to begin early next year in the western German city of Koblenz.

WATCH: Pakistani migrant mob commits bloodbath in subway - One man was killed

A bloody brawl on a Barcelona metro ended with one dead and several others injured after 30 thugs attacked each other with machetes last night. The blood-covered casualties were filmed lying semi-conscious in a pool of blood at La Sagrera tube station next to bloodstains along the length of the platform.Footage from the incident shows two men, one wearing a Barcelona FC tracksuit top, lying on the tube with blood dripping from horrific wounds including deep gashes to their necks. The seats beside them are also stained red with blood. Two gangs of warring men - thought to be migrants, according to local reports - were filmed battling on the streets near Gorg Tube stop in Badalona east of the city centre. The men used an array of weapons including baseball bats, axes and machetes. One man died during the orgy of violence around 10pm last night in Badalona - part of the Barcelona metropolitan area on the other bank of the small Besos river.Officers from Badalona’s local police force the Guardia Urbana arrested nine men following the fight who are all Pakistani nationals. Local reports said up to 30 men are thought to have been involved in the violence, described as a revenge attack. Although the exact reasons for the incident have not yet been made clear, some reports suggest the violence was caused over control of drug trafficking in the area.

Sweden: What to Do About Gang Violence?

"Since 2015, 32 people have been shot dead in 30 separate acts in Malmö's latest murder wave. Our survey of the murders shows that more than 120 young men are linked to them in different ways", according to a recent series of reports about gang violence in the Swedish mainstream newspaper, Sydsvenskan.
"There is much talk about 'gang wars' in Malmö," the report relates.
"Nothing indicates that there are fixed groupings with hierarchical structures and regulated activities in Malmö's crime world. Rather, on the contrary -- everything can be seen as one single gang. And there is civil war [within the gang]. We have mapped 200 criminals in the city. Most of them know each other - they have grown up together, been schoolmates, shared housing and moved in the same circles. Of these, we have selected 20 men for closer examination. Either because they are suspected of having shot, planned or otherwise contributed to the murders. Or that they themselves have fallen victim. And for being identified... as central people in Malmö's crime world in recent years. At least 18 of the murders have, according to our review, occurred within the relatively narrow circle of these 20 men".
The report then mentions that "17 of the 20 surveyed men have Swedish citizenship and 14 are born in Sweden."
"Almost everyone has parents who have come here mainly from the Middle East and Africa. Altogether, they have been convicted of at least 180 crimes -- everything from driving a car without a driver's license to robbery, weapons crimes, assault and murder. One of them is on Europol's list of our continent's most wanted criminals, suspected of having ordered two murders... Half of them have parents who are also convicted of crimes. Drug crimes, harassment, money laundering, theft, smuggling and serious abuse. But there are also examples of parents with stable incomes and an academic background".
In Sweden, crucial societal issues, such as who is behind the current crime epidemic, are a public taboo. Swedish authorities have only published statistics about the ethnic backgrounds of criminals twice: in 1996 and in 2005. In 2017, Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson -- who is also Minister of Justice and Migration in the current Swedish government -- refused to publish statistics about the ethnic origins of criminals in Sweden. "So the political conclusions that I need to make, I can already make with existing international and Swedish studies," he said at the time.
The majority of the political parties in the Swedish parliament agreed with him. They said they did not think such a statistic was needed.
This summer, nevertheless, a private foundation, Det Goda Samhället ("The Good Society") published a report, based on statistics from Swedish authorities. The report showed:
"For the first time now, more crimes -- in absolute terms -- are committed by persons of foreign background than by persons of Swedish origin...The most crime-prone population subgroup are people born [in Sweden] to two foreign-born parents".
The mainstream Swedish media, however, largely ignored the privately published report.
This general suppression of information is why Sydsvenskan's account is especially remarkable -- although in recent years, media reports have become slightly more common. It is hard, after all, completely to escape reality. In 2017, when Stockholm was hit by a wave of murders, the Swedish mainstream media outlet Expressen, did a report about the 49 criminal networks in the capital that showed the networks consisted of between 500 and 700 gang members. 40.6% of the gang members that Expressen surveyed were foreign-born; 82.2% had two parents who were foreign-born. Their main country of origin was Iraq, followed by Bosnia, Lebanon, Somalia, Syria and Turkey.
More remarkably, Sydsvenskan's report also indicated that nothing could be done about the hardened criminals:
"With the exception of three people in the survey, all have been offered help since they were boys. Some of them were already registered with the police as ten-year-olds... They have undergone programs... far from the criminal environment in Malmö... It has not worked... what the social services have done so far does not help, and there are no more measures to try out".
These are facts that mainstream politicians have avoided discussing openly for years. The question is: How do you solve a critical societal problem, especially one that is literally maiming and killing people, without talking about it openly?
Even the Swedish government, however, has realized that it is time to tackle the gang violence, which, with its waves of shootings and bombing, is fast derailing Swedish society. Some commentators have likened the situation to a state of war. The government therefore recently presented a new initiative that seeks to tackle the gang violence. The government proposal, however, never specifically mentions who is mainly behind the gang violence and that its own migration policies have in large part created the situation in which Swedish society now finds itself.
The proposals to tackle gang violence include: More detentions for those who commit serious crimes, faster prosecutions, better opportunities to access the assets of criminals, increased investments in schools and social services in "vulnerable areas", more social services in the evenings and weekends in "vulnerable areas", stricter penalties for those recruiting young people to crime, stricter penalties for weapons and explosives offenses and better witness protection programs.
Ulf Kristersson, leader of the largest opposition party, the center-right Moderate Party, criticized the government for not suggesting harder crackdowns on gang crime. The Moderate Party would have liked to see larger investments in the police, doubling the penalties for gang criminals and a system of visitation zones, among other things.
One might ask whether it is likely that the government's rather mild proposals for tackling gang violence will make enough difference at this point. Gang crime has become extremely violent and extremely serious. The Nigerian gang Black Axe, for instance, engages in drug-trafficking and prostitution and also operates extensively in Italy, where Italian police have described it as using "urban guerrilla warfare which continued for days at a time" to maintain territorial control. Swedish police estimate that the gang, which has been establishing itself in Stockholm for the past five years, seems pretty thoroughly entrenched. "In my opinion," said the head of police squad, Lennart Karlsson, "this is one of the world's most effective crime syndicates. So unfortunately for us, they probably have a pretty bright future."
In addition to Black Axe, There are approximately 50 other criminal gangs, encompassing around 1,500 criminals, operating in Stockholm, according to recent information from the police. Stockholm is currently going through a wave of shootings; by the beginning of August there had already been 58 this yearAccording to the police's expert on gang violence, Gunnar Appelgren, the harm is considerably more serious today than it was five years ago, because the criminals now make greater use of automatic weapons.
It does not seem likely that any of these hardened criminals will be swayed much by "increased investments in schools and social services in 'vulnerable areas'", as one of the government proposals suggests. Maybe some of the other proposals will improve the situation, but a far harsher crackdown on gang violence might regrettably be needed.

Death by Islamophobia

By Eileen F. Toplansky
James Thomson in his "Rule Britannica" poem of the mid-1700s wrote:
Thee haughty tyrants ne'er shall tame:
All their attempts to bend thee down,
Will but arouse thy generous flame;
But work their woe, and thy renown.
Rule, Britannia, rule the waves;
Britons never will be slaves.
And yet, today, the "manly hearts" appear to have simply withered as Great Britain and now most of Europe behave in classic dhimmi fashion, falling prey to the imaginary racism called Islamophobia.  In fact, as Salman Rushdie writes in Joseph Anton, "a new word has been created to help the blind remain blind: Islamophobia.  To criticize the militant stridency of this religion in its contemporary incarnation [is] to be a bigot."
After the Iranian Revolution of 1980, the term "Islamophobia" "underwent a mutation that weaponized it."  It continues to be more militant as it has "entered the global lexicon."  Clearly, America and Canada are not immune, either.
Thus, the All Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims (APPG) recently released a report titled "Islamophobia Defined: The inquiry into a working definition of Islamophobia."  A few quotations from the lengthy report should highlight the disingenuousness of a document that is essentially recommending a form of blasphemy law.
[W]e drew attention to the fantastic work done by British Muslims over the Christmas period.  Muslim-led charities and the huge contribution they make to civil society and social welfare ... was the subject[.]
So the first item in the report caters to the uninformed, claiming that Islam is a religion that merely wants to reach out in an expression of genuine ecumenical brotherhood.  Are we allowed to ask why so many Muslims, in the name of Islam, murder non-Muslims?  Muslim persecution of Christians is at an all-time high.
Next we learn that despite the "palpable concern among British Muslims when it comes to inequality and discrimination," Great Britain now boasts "the first Muslim Home Secretary and Mayor of London, the first female Muslim minister ... in the House of Commons, [and] the first Muslim female in Cabinet and minister at the Despatch box in the upper chamber."
But let victimization reign as the report continues in a rather deceptive concern for others while hiding the true intent of Islam by asserting that "Islamophobia is rooted in racism and its victims are not just Muslims but also those who are perceived to be Muslims."
Even Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR spokesperson, has said, "Islam is an ideology."  Being a Muslim means belonging to the religion of Islam.  Race does not enter into this ideology at all.  But as the Religion of Peace site so aptly explains"[i]t might seem that casting Islam as a race — or Muslims a race of people — successfully protects the religion."
In fact:
If Muslims are a race because of Islam [as the APPG report maintains] then it means that Islam is a racial ideology.  Therefore, what this ideology has to say about its own and other 'races' becomes very important.
In fact, the Quran posits an enormous qualitative distinction between Muslims and non-Muslims[.]  Believers are loved by God, whereas infidels are hated to the extent that they are tortured for eternity (3:32, 4:56) merely for not believing.  Muslims are told not to take unbelievers as friends (3:28) and to shun them (3:118).  Those outside the circle are called 'helpers of evil' (25:55), 'wicked' (4:160), 'fond of lies' (5:42) and compared to the worst of animals (8:55, 7:176, 7:179).  Muslims are told to be merciful to each other, but ruthless to those outside of the faith (48:29).  Violence is also sanctioned against those who are obstinate against Islamic rule (8:12-13, 9:5).
Muslims are not a race.  Islam is an ideology that should be open to critical examination.
Yet according to the APPG report, Islamophobia is "rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness."
In vagueness, do we lose our ability to think and to ask penetrating questions?
The APPG report claims that the working definition of Islamophobia is not "intended to curtail free speech or criticism of Islam as a religion."  But they speak with forked tongue.  To be a Muslim is to believe the tenets of Islam.  If a discussion about the danger of wearing a veil in certain work environments or the need to remove a veil in order to obtain a driver's license for proper identification is going to be viewed as a racist one, then that completely sidesteps the fact that that what a Muslim does is part of the religion of Islam.  They are not separate entities.  Race is a genetic component that no one has control over.  Being a Muslim is a choice to accept the religion of Islam.
Yet, as explained in the report "Eroding the Free Press," journalists are now being told they must report on Muslim communities "according to rules and conventions not applied to others" such as self-censoring the news in order to "consider tensions between communities."  Sensitive information that might cause offense and not the factually correct reporting of newsworthy events should be the guiding light as the freedom of the press is continually eroded.
In essence, what this portends is that "Muslim communities [are] in effect ... a law unto themselves, immune from dialogue with their non-Muslim neighbors.  Muslim communities [do] not need to hear from 'outsiders' ... discussing the issue of Muslim integration[.]"
Yet "the job of the journalist is to tell the truth irrespective of the feelings of those involved, if there is a public interest.  But increasingly, the words 'public interest' are being read as opinion of a well-organised, well-funded, persistent and ruthless lobby."
So is it racist to highlight, question, or criticize the following?
  • Nikah mut'ah, where it is legal to sell young girls for a one-hour temporary pleasure marriage under Islamic law.  Basically, it is an Islamic legal recognition to behavior that would otherwise be considered adulterous.  Seehere.
  • The rape and prostitution of English and Sikh girls by Muslim men and the years of cover up.  See here.
  • Twitter censoring an American reporter because she is "in violation of Pakistan [sharia] law."  See here.
  • Bias in Middle Eastern Studies programs.  See here.
  • Is it true that "there is a consensus by all four schools of Sunni Islamic jurisprudence (i.e., Maliki, Hanbali, Hanafi, and Shafii), as well as classical Shiite jurists, that apostates from Islam must be put to death?
  • Why has "anti-Semitism in the Arab world's press and governments taken root in the body politic of Islam to an unprecedented degree"?  It is not abating, but rather increasing all across the globe.  See here.
  • Disinviting a renowned speaker concerning his well researched book about Islam and the West.  See here.
  • The Danger of Political Islam to Canada: with a Warning to America.  Listen intently to this show highlighting the violent and non-violent Islamist ideologies bent on destroying freedom.  See here.

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Chapel Im Tal vandalized and plundered once again in Bullay, Germany

File:Bullay Wegekapelle im Tal.JPG

On the 26. of October 19 about 5 p.m. unknown perpetrators damaged the chapel in Bullay in the area " Im Tal" (photo) by lighting a small fire with two insoles on the altar table. This damaged the furnishings and the painting of the chapel. The Zell police are asking for any possible hints.

Remainers Divided As Boris Calls For Brexit Election

Populist Salvini Alliance Routs Entrenched Leftist Governor in Historic Election Result

The centre-right alliance led by populist leader Matteo Salvini’s League scored nearly 60 percent of the vote in the Umbrian regional election Sunday, sending the leftist national coalition parties into disarray.

The centre-right candidate for governor of the region, Donatella Tesei, who is supported by the League, the national-conservative Brothers of Italy and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, won 57.5 percent of the vote, routing Vincenzo Bianconi, who was supported by the current national leftist coalition, Il Giornale reports.

Umbria has long been known as a stronghold for the left in Italy for the last 50 years and the centre-right victory is being seen as historic by some including Matteo Salvini who commented, “In Umbria, we are writing a new page of history.”

Antonio Tajani, vice president of Forza Italia and former European Parliament President, added, “The message of the Italians is that they want a centre-right government.”

The victory for Salvini and his allies follows a trend of a loss of support for leftist parties in the Italian regions since 2014 where around 12 regions are now controlled by the centre-right, with the centre-left losing nine governors.

The consequences of the loss could spell disaster for the Five Star Movement-Democratic Party national government coalition as many within the two parties blamed each other for the poor result.

Democratic Party Senator Monica Cirinnà was quick to blame the Five Stars saying, “The [Five Star Movement] was born as a protest movement and then realizes that the government is something else, there is a very contentious group of people inside it and find themselves managing stuff that they are not able to handle.”

Luigi Di Maio, the leader of the Five Star Movement, is also facing severe criticism within his own ranks over the election where the movement lost 7.4 percent.

Alessandro Di Battista, a popular member of the movement, has been suggested by some as a replacement for Di Maio.

The leadership challenge would be the second for Di Maio this year as members voted to keep him on as leader following the disastrous European Parliament election result in May.

Arabic newspapers publish unknown details on the axe murder of Limburg, Germany

The culprit is a 34-year-old Tunisian. The son of a Tunisian guest worker family was born in Germany and went to school here. He was born with German citizenship. His name is here indicated with "Imad Amdouni", (could also Emad Emadoni or Emadaouni depending on the vocalization عماد عمدوني). His family comes from the small Tunisian town "Bou Salem" (21.638 inhabitants) in the governorate of Jendouba. He is said to be addicted to drugs, violent and often found guilty of grievous bodily harm, not only against his wife but also against his own mother. The alleged perpetrator allegedly began to mistreat, beat and threaten his wife with death shortly after marriage. The 31st year old victim, his wife and the mother of the two children is (was) a Tunisian who came to Germany six years ago on a study visa. Her name is Muri (could be Mori, Mouri or Mawri, depending on the vocalization). The two must have married shortly after their arrival. Imad Karim thinks so: Maybe it was a prearranged plan concerning "visa studies".

Another savage oriental honor killing in Germany ?

A 33-year-old woman was killed in Mannheim last night on Sunday. The police consider her ex-boyfriend to be an urgent suspect. The murder was preceded by a loud argument at the scene of the crime. While for the ex-girlfriend any medical help failed, there is still hope for her female companion, who was also stabbed savagely. It is taboo to talk about this, but there are cultures in which the supposed honour of the man and his family counts more than the lives of women. Due to the ever-changing demographics in Western Europe, such moral concepts are becoming widespread and innocent women are the victims. In Austria, too, murder was presumed to have taken place for the same reason. Sunday morning, a 29-year-old woman and one of her small children had to die in Kottingbrunn. A few hours earlier, a similar extreme emotional situation was said to have led to an almost double murder in Mannheim, Germany. During the night, a special police detachment was called out due to an emergency call. On site they spotted a 33-year-old woman who died of her fatal stab wounds. All resuscitation measures were in vain. A second woman was also seriously injured and was admitted to hospital with stab wounds. Based on the circumstances, the investigators assumed that the ex-boyfriend of the murdered was urgently suspected. Shortly thereafter, the ex-boyfriend was spotted and arrested by the SEK Special Operations Command. It is not yet known whether he confesses. The man was brought before the magistrate under suspicion of a homicide and an attempted homicide. The police did not provide any information about a possible migration background. In the meantime, current figures from Turkey have also become known. During President Erdogan's reign, the murder rate against women has risen dramatically. In 2018, 440 women were murdered there. 38 percent of the women see themselves exposed to the violence of their spouse.

Machine Guns on a Tram in Karlsruhe, Germany

Arabic-speaking men handle machine guns in trams — passengers don’t care

Karlsruhe: On Saturday afternoon three men allegedly handled a submachine gun in a tram in Karlsruhe. Since the police currently cannot completely rule out the possibility that this is a real firearm, witnesses are being sought who can give clues about the suspects.

A witness subsequently contacted the police by email, stating that he had previously recognized the shoulder piece of a firearm from a passenger’s shopping bag on tram line 1. In addition, the man had dropped a gun magazine on the floor. He also thinks Arabic was spoken with a fellow traveller.

During further investigations by the criminal investigation department, in particular by looking at video material from the surveillance camera, it was established that the suspects were a group of three men. They had boarded the train at the Europaplatz stop and at 2.21 p.m. were handling a black submachine gun and a corresponding magazine openly in the car. At the stop Kronenplatz the men finally got off the train. The other passengers in the train did not react to the situation.

Since it could not be completely ruled out that the machine gun was a genuine firearm even after the video recordings had been viewed by a weapons expert from the Baden-Württemberg State Criminal Police Office, the Karlsruhe Public Prosecutor’s Office and Criminal Investigation Department are now looking for the three suspects. These can be described as follows:

Two of the men were about 25 to 30 years old, had an Arab appearance with a slim figure and dark black hair. One of them wore black camouflage trousers, a dark green jacket and a black-silver-red backpack. The second was wearing grey cargo pants, a light sweater and a green jacket. He had a big red-yellow plastic bag with him. The third man is estimated to be 30 to 35 years old and 190 cm (6’5”) tall. He was a little more corpulent and had dark black hair. He wore jeans and a black hooded sweater with the white inscription “Uncle Sam” and black sports shoes. One of the men had a blue mountain bike on the track.

Witnesses who can give pertinent information about the actions in the tram or about the men are asked to report to the Kriminaldauerdienst der Kriminalpolizei Karlsruhe at the telephone number 0721 666-5555.

'Antisemitism is not an opinion,' says German bishop

Bishop Ulrich Neymeyr - from the German city of Erfurt, in the of state of Thuringia - declared on Saturday at a Catholic conference that “Antisemitism is not an opinion” but did not comment on the church’s support for a pro-BDS catholic organization in the federal republic. Neymeyr, who is responsible for relations with Judaism within the German bishops’ conference, said antisemitism is an “attack on the dignity of people,” according to a report on the German-language website of Vatican News. The German Bishop added that antisemitic statements are not views "protected by free speech... rather an attack on the fundamental value of our democracy." He called for a joint voice to oppose antisemitism in this regard. Neymeyr’s criticism of antisemitism raises questions about the German Catholic Church’s political and moral will to tackle the alleged antisemitism of Pax Christi, a left-wing Catholic organization, that supports the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. The German Bundestag classified BDS as antisemitic in May. Criticism of Pax Christi's alleged antisemitism has been ignored by the German Catholic Church over the years. Pax Christi mounts campaigns against the Jewish state and uses the Catholic bank Pax-Bank eG, a German bank headquartered in Cologne, to raise funds for its anti-Israel activities, including calls for Europe to consider severing economic relations with the Jewish state. In June, the Cologne-based Bank for Social Economy closed the account of the pro-BDS group Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East. The Central Council of Jews in Germany said Jewish Voice is an "antisemitic association" because of its BDS activity. Pax Christi signed on a call in 2018 to the EU to “Stop funding Israeli arms companies.” The statement seeks that the EU “immediately exclude all Israeli military and security companies from the EU framework programs, given that an analysis of past projects has shown that their participation in these programs inherently involves EU support for the development and legitimization of, and profiting from, technology and methodology used by Israel in the commission of war crimes and human rights violations.” A year before, Pax Christi urged the EU to "consider suspending economic relations” with Israel. According to NGO Monitor, a Jerusalem-based watchdog organization, “Pax Christi International was an active participant at the NGO Forum of the 2001 Durban Conference, which crystallized the strategy of delegitimizing Israel as ‘an apartheid regime’ through international isolation.”NGO Monitor documented that in May 2014, Pax Christi Germany began targeting Heidelberg Cement and called to ‘divest from its Israeli affiliate, Hanson Israel.”’ “ Pax falsely accused Israel of human rights violations and erroneously argued that conducting business with Israel amounts to furthering these alleged violations,” wrote NGO Monitor. In May 2018, Pax Christi again launched a call for Heidelberg Cement to “respect international law” and divest from Hanson Israel, noted NGO Monitor. Pax Christi urged the German government in 2014 to impose sanctions on Israel by not providing defensive weapons and missile speedboats, saying that such a deal would “further arm Israeli apartheid,” wrote NGO Monitor. Germany's federal commissioner to combat antisemitism, Felix Klein, and his counterpart in the state of Hesse, Uwe Becker, both favor banks not providing accounts to BDS groups. Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan previously told The Jerusalem Post by email “I call on all German banks to cut their ties with any and all BDS organizations, and join the many German institutions and leaders who have united against the antisemitic boycott campaign."

Italy: Mass Legalization of Migrants is Suicidal

Describing Italy, Gerard Baker, former editor in chief of the Wall Street Journal, recently wrote:
"In much of the country... depopulation is advancing. Moving into the empty spaces have been waves of immigrants, many from North Africa and the Middle East. The migrants have filled vital gaps in the labor force, but the transformation of Italian towns has left increasing numbers of citizens resentful, fearful for their identity."
He went on to call this transformation, "a kind of pioneer of Western decline". Already, the effects of mass migration are becoming dramatically visible in many of Italy's elementary schools. In just the last few days, examples from two large cities have surfaced.
The first was in Turin, Italy's fourth largest city, where there are now elementary school classes with not even one Italian child: "In all classes, school principal Aurelia Provenza explained, the percentage of foreigners is very high, equal to 60% of the total number of pupils".
The second example comes from Bologna. "In my son's kindergarten there is a serious integration problem, I have to take him away," says Mohamed, a 34-year-old of Moroccan origin who arrived in Italy when he was 4 years old.
"I don't want to be seen as a racist myself as I am Moroccan, but the municipality must know that there is no integration by putting more than 20 foreign children into classes".
At the time of enrollment, Mohamed explained, they had seen drawings with flags of all nationalities in the school, but, "when we arrived at school the first day, we found ourselves in a class with all foreign children. The teachers are even struggling to pronounce the children's names."
We have now reached a paradox: immigrants are taking their children out from classes where, under multiculturalism, segregation is surging. "School performance falls when classes exceed 30% foreigners; it is a crucial threshold that should be avoided or otherwise monitored", said Costanzo Ranci, professor of Economic Sociology, and author of a recent report.
Both of the above cases have been the subject of much public debate. In Italy, last month, the number of migrants arriving from Africa surged, after having declined for most of the last two years. The migrant reception center on the island of Lampedusa, the front line of Italy's migration crisis, is now in a state of "collapse" due to the rapidly rising number of arrivals. The entire south of Italy is now trying to deal with migrants.
According to projections from the UN Population Division, the population of sub-Saharan Africa will double in 30 years, adding an additional 1 billion people and accounting for more than half the global population growth between now and 2050. Italy, which already has the third-largest population of migrants in Europe, is undergoing an "unbearable" crisis, and now faces the real risk of an "Africanisation", as Stephen Smith called it in his bookThe Scramble for Europe.
There are many voices of concern. Cardinal Robert Sarah, author of a new book, The Day Is Now Far Spent, about the crisis of the West, compares the current influx of migrants to the invasions of barbarians that brought down the Roman Empire. If Europe's policies toward migrants do not change, Sarah warns, Europe will be "invaded by foreigners, just as Rome was invaded by barbarians."
"If Europe disappears, and with it the priceless values of the Old Continent, Islam will invade the world and we will completely change our culture, anthropology and moral vision".
An Italian think-tank, Fondazione Fare Futuro, also just predicted that due to mass migration and the different birthrates of Christians and Muslims, by the end of the century half of the population of Italy could be Muslim. In just ten years, the number of migrants in Italy has surged by 419%.
The native Italian population is already shrinking rapidly. Without the foreigners, every year native Italians would die (615,000) at twice the rate of births (380,000). Eurostat, the European official statistics office, calculates that by 2080, one-fifth of Italians will come from migration background (11 million of Italy's 53 million).
A recent report by the Italian national statistics office noted that the country is in a "demographic recession" not seen since the World War I, and 250,000 young Italians have fled the country. "Italy exports young graduates and imports migrants", wrote Il Giornale. Italy is expected to lose 17% of its population by 2050, and -- even without immigration -- half by the end of the century.
A Caritas-Migrantes report recently documented that since 2014, the decrease in the number of Italians is equivalent to the population of a large Italian city, say, Palermo (677,000). The dramatic decrease, however, has so far been offset by migrants.
Immigration is once again becoming a political question. Just weeks after forming a government with the Five Star Movement, the Democratic Party is advancing the so-called "birthright citizenship" -- a pledge to reverse the stringent migration policy of former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. In Latin this right to citizenship is called ius culturae. The new law would allow foreign minors under the age of 12 to become citizens after just five years at school in Italy. The bill is being advanced by Laura Boldrini, a former president of Italy's Parliament, who famously said: "The lifestyle of the migrants will be ours". Will Italians, as in those elementary schools, integrate into the new culture of the migrants?
The current government knows perfectly well what is at stake. "From now to 2050 and 2060, we will have to face an epochal question from 50 to 60 million people who will arrive in the Mediterranean world", MP Nicola Morra, MP in the governmental majority, recently said.
The government is literally gambling with Italy's future.
Italy is the European country most exposed to migration pressure from Africa. With a native population already shrinking, if Italy is open to the mass legalization of migrants, we should be at least be aware that it will be culturally suicidal.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Remainers Plan To Rig Election To Cancel Brexit

BREAKING: The AfD becomes the second strongest party in the elections in the German state of Thuringia

Prognose, in %: CDU 22,5 , Linke 29,5 , SPD 8,5 , AfD 24,0 , Grüne 5,5 , FDP 5,0 , Andere 5,0 , Quelle: Infratest dimapGewinne und Verluste, in Prozentpunkten: CDU -11,0; Linke +1,3; SPD -3,9; AfD +13,4; Grüne -0,2; FDP +2,5; Andere -2,1; Quelle: Infratest dimap, in Prozentpunkten

Once again Muslim honour killings in German-speaking countries: A Turk murders mother and baby

On this Sunday, shortly before 9 a.m., the alleged perpetrator dialed the emergency number himself. He had murdered his family. A large number of police officers rushed to the reported address. There was a shocking picture. A 31-year-old man, who according to the newspaper "heute" is said to have a Turkish migrant background, had stabbed his wife and child. His second child survived, but is equally likely to have been seriously injured. The crime took place in a row house in the street Kalman-Gasse in Kottingbrunn, Lower Austria. There, the alleged perpetrator had murdered his 23-year-old wife and a toddler at the age of 2 with numerous stab wounds.The stab wounds and cuts were so severe that medical help was no longer possible. Apparently the family father wanted to suffocate the little son, who is only 11 months old. He survived the crime, but is said to have had severe respiratory problems.The 31-year-old Turkish-born was arrested on site by the police without any resistance. The background of the terrible honour killings is to be clarified within the next hours and days. The presumed perpetrator is to make a confession.

Netherlands in a state of shock: Immigrant murders two people in cinema

Photo: Netherlands Police

The 33-year-old man wanted in connection with a double homicide at a Groningen movie theater on Saturday was arrested at a gas station in Hoendiep on Sunday morning. Gunshots were fired during the arrest, police said, and the suspect, Ergün S. was injured.

He was taken to an area hospital under police guard, authorities announced at 10:15 a.m. on Sunday. A police spokesperson told broadcaster NOS that shots were fired when the suspect brandished a knife.

Police identified S. as the man seen on security camera footage leaving a Pathé movie theater on Groningen, where the bodies of two people were found at 9:20 a.m. on Saturday. The victims were reportedly a married couple in their fifties, responsible for cleaning the theater for a janitorial services provider.

A source close to the investigation told newspaper De Telegraaf that a knife was used to kill the victims.

Police told the surviving family members that the victims may have been killed during a botched burglary attempt.

Switzerland: “Are you gay? Are you gay? Are you gay?” asked Iraqi Muslim father as he tried to kill his gay son by slitting his throat

Had Seran M still been living in Iraq, nothing would have happened to the father as his death would be considered an “honor killing,” permissible under sharia law. When he learned that his teenage son was gay, he went crazy and tried to kill him with a knife.
Six months after waking from his artificial coma, the 17-year-old testifies.
Inhabited by his instinct for survival, the teenager defended himself with all his might.He managed to escape through the balcony and found help from the neighbors. The latter then alerted the relief workers and the police.
The 17-year-old was immediately taken to the Island Hospital in Bern. He had severe cuts in his neck and upper body. “Fortunately, my father missed the carotid artery by little. But my trachea was affected and I had to be placed in an artificial coma, “explains the victim.
Seran M.grew up in a rural area of ​​the canton of Bern., Switzerland and says “I have always hidden my homosexuality from my family”.
His father was arrested by the authorities and relations between family members deteriorated. “My mother is ashamed of what happened (because now her friends and family all know her son is gay).

Shock as Merkel donates half a billion dollars in aid to Palestinian president, paying terrorists to kill Jews

At the joint press conference (Video embedded below), Chancellor Angela Merkel said: “We are now the largest bilateral donors in the Palestinian territories.” According to Germany’s Bild news, the federal government announced that in 2018 about 166.2 million euros flowed to the Palestinians. In addition, Germany transferred about 173.2 million euros to UNRWA, a UN agency for Palestinian Muslims. Throughout her years as Chancellor, Angela Merkel gave the Palestinian Authority more than half a billion dollars, not including foreign aid to UNRWA. The Palestinian Authority openly pays salaries to every terrorist who murdered Jews as an act of jihad.In newly released documents, the Palestinian Authority confesses that in the first 5 months of 2019, it paid 234,000,000 shekels (over $65 million/€58 million) in salaries to terrorists. This is a rise of over 11% compared to 2018. In calendar year 2018, the Trump Administration has significantly cut funding for the Palestinians including $231.532 million economic assistance and $424.3 million to UNRWA (UN agency in Gaza and Ramallah). Every civilized country must cut all its foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority, which finances terrorism. The European Union, Canada, Australia and the UK must follow the US and cut all foreign aid to the Muslims who call themselves "Palestinians".

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Germany: African stabbed six policemen

On Wednesday, police officially announced his deportation to a 37-year-old Nigerian. The man, who was staying in a girlfriend's apartment in Munich, ran into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and stabbed six police officers. During the scramble in the kitchen, the man injured a policeman by the nose with a 30 cm long kitchen knife. Then the attacker escaped out of the apartment door. After large-scale investigations, the 37-year-old was arrested near Winthirplatz square.An arrest warrant was issued against the 37-year-old man for attempted manslaughter, dangerous assault, threat, and resistance and assault against law enforcement officials.

Germany: The man who hacked his wife to pieces with an axe in the street has a Tunisian Muslim migration background

Hard-boiled policemen and firefighters who have seen a lot of horrible things are horrified. Rescue workers are terrified. The people in the neighbourhood were shocked and sad a little later. This bloody crime is particularly cruel in its course and its brutality. Behind a demolished car that has crushed a house wall there is a woman lying with her skull smashed to pieces.At eight o'clock in the morning, a 34-year-old man is looking for his wife in the street Weiersteinstraße, about 300 metres from the railway station. He is sitting in his black Audi car. At 8:25 a.m. he discovers her on the sidewalk. The man accelerates and drives his car straight to the 31-year-old. The car drags the victim another 30 metres: Across the street, then across the parking lot of the district craftsmen's guild through a heavy metal gate that had just happened to be open, and finally crashes with great force into a listed brick building.What happens thereafter in Limburg is consternating: The perpetrator gets out of the smoking car and gets - apparently calm - an axe from the trunk. He grabs the tool with both hands and hits the head of the defenceless five times with full force. The unbelievable scenes filmed by eyewitnesses can be seen minutes later on social networks. The autopsy must clarify whether the woman was still alive before the attack with the axe.
A police patrol, on another task nearby, is quickly on the scene. The officers take out their weapons, the man is arrested without resistance.In fact, according to the newspaper FNP, the spouses involved in this case have been separated for some time. He lived in the former joint apartment near Mendig in Rhineland-Palatinate, about 70 kilometers from Limburg, she with her two children in the Limburg women's shelter. The man with Tunisian ancestors was born and raised in Germany, the Tunisian woman was a teacher.The Youth Welfare Office in Limburg took their two children, a girl and a boy aged two and three, out of kindergarten and took them into foster care.

Motorcyclist Who Identifies As Bicyclist Sets Cycling World Record

Mathematics a tool of racial oppression, Seattle public schools committee says

By Eric Utter

Something called the "K–12 Math Ethnic Studies Framework," created by a Seattle Public Schools "Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee," is intended to instruct students that math is intimately connected to racial oppression. Students will be taught "how technology and/or science have been and continues [sic] to be used to oppress and marginalize people and communities of color." The framework, the final draft of which is scheduled to be completed by September 2020, will also attempt to "explain how math dictates economic oppression." That's correct: math.
Tracy Castro-Gill, the ethnic studies program manager at Seattle Public Schools, noted that the framework is intended to redress the fact that the district has not been properly serving minority students. Castro-Gill said, "The goal is to disrupt the status quo and do something different." Disrupting the status quo is the goal — and sacred quest — of all progressives. She added, "It's important to break down barriers while valuing our differences." Those of her ilk love breaking down barriers. And fences. And standards.
The framework curriculum will consist of four themes: Origins, Identity, and Agency; Power and Oppression; History of Resistance and Liberation; and Reflection and Action. Riddle me this: how is telling minorities that mathematical concepts have historically enslaved them providing them with a great service? Resist those integers! Free yourselves from the bonds of multiplication!
Here is how the framework characterizes the Power and Oppression theme:

Power and oppression, as defined by ethnic studies, are the ways in which individuals and groups define mathematical knowledge so as to see 'Western' mathematics as the only legitimate expression of mathematical identity and intelligence. This definition of legitimacy is then used to disenfranchise people and communities of color. This erases the historical contributions of people and communities of color.

Doubtless, disenfranchising minorities was surely the reason most famous mathematicians pursued their work.
Or not. Take, for instance, the number "pi," or π. It is a mathematical constant originally defined as the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter and is approximately equal to 3.14159. It is also known as "Archimedes's constant" and is used in many formulas in virtually all areas of mathematics and physics. Would minorities truly be better off — less oppressed, as it were — without the staggering advances people like Archimedes, Ptolemy, Pythagoras, Euclid, Descartes, Einstein, and Alan Turing made possible? Would any of us? They took us from a time when people thought the world was flat and made it possible for us to fly to the stars. In between, their work ushered in countless advances that have led us all to live longer, less painful, more rewarding, enjoyable, and prosperous lives. They were the ones who disrupted the status quo to the betterment of the human condition.
I don't want to get off on a tangent here, but Seattle's "Ethnic Studies Framework" is a sad sign of the times.
I can already hear the woke students protesting: "Hey, hey, ho, ho…'Archimedes's constant' has got to go!"

Friday, October 25, 2019

EU To Confirm No Deal Brexit Following Final Extension If Remainers Vote Against Election

Germany: Migrant runs over a woman with his car and then hacks her to pieces with a butcher's hatchet on the open road (VIDEO)

A 34-year-old man is said to have hit his wife in Limburg on the open road only with a car and then killed. The police said witnesses reported in the morning that a man had hit a woman. According to police, the 31-year-old woman was walking on a sidewalk near the main train station. The 34-year-old should then have got out of his car and have hit with an object on the woman lying on the ground. She had died of her serious injuries at the scene of the accident. The man was arrested without resistance, according to police at the scene. The investigators go from the current state of a "relationship act," as a spokesman said. At first the police did not give any details on the subject of the offense or on the nationality of the alleged perpetrator and the victim.According to the tabloid Bild, the man has a migration background.

Shame on Merkel for Denying Iranian regime’s anti-Semitism

Earlier this month German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government declared that the Iranian regime was anti-Israel, but was not anti-Semitic in its calls for Israel’s destruction. The absurdity of this statement by the German government has shocked many Jews worldwide, but is perhaps most insulting to my Iranian Jewish community who has firsthand experience of the vile anti-Semitism of this radical Islamic regime in Iran during the last 40 years. The vast majority of us Iranian Jews know all too well that this regime in Tehran not only has a deep rooted hatred for Jews, but has advanced an on-going campaign of terror against Iran’s Jews, promoted Holocaust denial, advanced state-sponsored discrimination against Jews as well as other religious minorities, and has also carried out random executions and confiscations of Jewish assets in Iran since coming to power in 1979. Shame on the German and other European governments for turning a blind eye to the Iranian regime’s deep rooted anti-Semitism in order to advance their own economic interests. After eight decades since the Holocaust, we realize that nothing has changed in Europe and its leaders will look the other way when it comes to Jew-hatred.

The list of anti-Semitic actions and laws carried out by Iran’s evil radical regime are too voluminous to list, but perhaps the regime’s first action against Iran’s Jews came in May 1979 when they executed Iran’s Jewish leader, Habib Elghanian for no reason. After a sham 20-minute trial, Elghanian was executed on false charges of spying for America and Israel. His execution by the new Khomeini regime in Iran was designed to send a clear message to the country’s Jews: “you are no longer welcomed to live freely in Iran”. And indeed, Elghanian’s execution caused a massive wave of Jews to flee Iran and either leave their assets behind or sell them at bargain low prices. The Islamic regime in Iran did not stop with the execution of Elghanian, from 1979 to 1999 it has formally executed 20 Jews, arrested and tortured thousands more and confiscated billions of dollars in Jewish properties, businesses and assets during the last 40 years. Moreover, Iran’s once 80,000 strong Jewish population has fled the country during these four decades to the point where only roughly 5,000 to 8,000 Jews still remain in Iran. The following is just a brief list of the anti-Semitic statements by the Iranian regime’s leadership or anti-Semitic acts carried out in Iran which were never stopped or investigated by the regime during the last 20 years:

  • Between 1994 and 1997, 12 Jews that were trying to flee Iran via Pakistan were arrested by the Iranian secret police and have not been heard from since. The 12 were imprisoned and the Iranian regime has refused to discuss their fate.
  • During 1999-2000, 13 Jews from the Iranian city of Shiraz were arrested and falsely charges with spying for Israel. They faced imminent execution by the regime. Ultimately a rigorous international media campaign waged by Iranian Jewish activists in America and American Jewish groups halted the 13 men’s executions. They were spared from death but imprisoned and later released.
  • In December 2005, the Iranian regime’s state-run “Jaam-e Jam TV” program, broadcasted Iranian commentator Ali-Reza Akbari who stated “the Jews murdered non-Jewish children and used their blood for Passover”.
  • In January 2011, the Iranian student Basiji militia, of the Abu-Ali Sina/Avicenna University in the western Iranian province of Hamadan rioted outside the entrance of the Esther and Mordechai tomb and threatened to destroy it if Israel destroyed the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. The Iranian state-run media news reported at that time that Basiji militia had removed the mausoleum’s entrance sign, covered the Star of David at the mausoleum’s entrance with a welded metal cover and demanded the site be placed under the supervision of the local Islamic religious authority.
  • In June 2012, the Iranian Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi in a televised speech alleged that the prevalence of drugs and drug-addiction throughout the world was rooted in the Talmud. “The book teaches them how to destroy non-Jews so as to protect an embryo in the womb of a Jewish mother,” he said.
  • In November 2012 Toobah Nehdaran, a 57-year-old married Jewish woman, was strangled, then repeatedly stabbed to death, and her body was mutilated in a ritual manner by thugs who had broken into her home located inside the Jewish ghetto within the Iranian city of Isfahan. Nehdaran’s gruesome murder was never investigated by Iranian authorities and suspects were never arrested in connection with her murder.
  • In 2016 in an online video, the Iranian regime’s cleric Mehdi Taeb, claimed that “the Jews aim to control the world and therefore people are obligated to kill anyone who is not willing to accept this control, particularly Muslims”. He also repeated false conspiracy theories that “the Jews control the global economy, the media and have hatch plots and sow division, strife and wars, especially among Muslims”.
  • In December 2017, two synagogues located in the Iranian city of Shiraz were vandalized by unknown assailants who left a total of five Torah scrolls and numerous prayer books damaged or totally destroyed. Likewise, Tzedakah charity boxes were also stolen from the synagogues. The incident was never investigated by the regime’s authorities and no arrests were made in connection with the crime.
  • On February 28, 2019, three antique Torah scrolls were stolen by unknown thieves from the centuries-old Ezra Yagoub synagogue located inside Tehran’s Jewish ghetto. The crime was never investigated by the regime and no regime state-run media reported on the crime.

With all of these anti-Semitic actions that have been carried out by the Iranian regime or its thugs as well as the anti-Semitic statements from the regime’s leaders, perhaps the most outrageously anti-Semitic actions by the Iranian regime has been their full support for vile Holocaust denial. In December 2006, the Iranian regime proudly hosted a Holocaust denial conference attended by many American and European anti-Semites. In 2015 and 2016, the Iranian regime’s “Sarcheshmeh Cultural Institute” organized the country’s official Holocaust Cartoon competition in Tehran that offer up to $50,000 to cartoonist who featured the most “interesting Holocaust denial cartoon”. Another backer of this Holocaust cartoon competition was the “Owj Media and Arts Organization” that is directly affiliated with the regime’s Revolutionary Guards.

But the anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial garbage spewed by the Iranian regime is nothing new for the Iranian regime. This disgusting behavior has a long and proud tradition dating back to the inception of the Islamic republic in Iran. The regime has always maintained warm relations with notorious anti-Semites, including former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke and other American neo-Nazi groups who frequently appear on the regime’s state-run English language news program “Press TV” to spew their messages of Jew hatred. Furthermore, the Iranian regime has a long history of ties to European neo-Nazis groups and Holocaust deniers. For example, the Iranian regime proudly announced many years ago that it paid for the legal defense in France of French Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy, who was convicted and fined $80,000 in 1998 in France for denying the Holocaust. Garaudy was subsequently welcomed in Tehran as a hero, where he met with the Iranian Supreme leader Ali Khamenei. In 2012, Khamenei publicly grieved the death of Garaudy in a personal Twitter message. In January 2016, for International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Khamenei released an official Holocaust denial video. Additionally, Iranian state-run media outlets have also frequently cited the writings of the neo-Nazi American leader William Pierce. In October 2014, the Anti-Defamation League reported that the regime’s annual Holocaust denial conference in Tehran hosted Maria Poumier, a French denier; Claudio Moffa, an Italian denier; and Kevin Barrett, an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist.

According to Iranian Jewish activists I have interviewed in Los Angeles, many believe the sources of anti-Semitism in Iran today not only come from Iranian regime “hardliners”, but also other more “moderate” factions in the regime. Long before Ahmadinejad made a name for himself among the anti-Semites, the Iranian regime, under the supposed “moderate” President Mohammad Khatami, had begun funding Holocaust deniers and publishing their materials in Iran and all over the world. During the Green Revolution in Iran from 2009 to 2010, several “moderate” leaders in Iran staged public media campaigns of attacking the Islamic hardliners in Iran, not for their atrocities against the Iranian population or their Islamist fanaticism, but for allegedly being of Jewish descent! To accuse someone of being Jewish in Iran is equivalent to calling someone a child molester or pedophile in the U.S.

Yet even worse, the regime’s anti-Semitism is not only limited to within Iran, but the Iranian ayatollahs have also tried to export it to the U.S. in recent years. I reported myself in March 2015 that Los Angeles based Iranian-Jewish activists launched a grass-roots campaign to boycott performances by Akbar Abdi, a notorious Iranian-Muslim anti-Semitic comedian who had received a visa from the U.S. State Department and planned to perform at various venues in the U.S., including performing Farsi-language shows in Southern California. A video on YouTube from 2013 shows Abdi being given a film award by Ahmadinejad and using derogatory terms to describe Jews. The campaign against Abdi ultimately resulted in the cancellation of his show in Los Angeles, as well as other shows in Southern California. Likewise in December 2017, I personally reported on the proud anti-Semitic Iranian-Muslim singer Mohsen Yeganeh who performed a musical concert in downtown L.A.’s Microsoft Theatre but was met with hundreds of Iranian Jewish protestors opposed to his performance and anti-Jewish songs.

Again and again the list of anti-Semitist from the Semitist regime which is not related to Israel is quite long and it is utterly ridiculous for the current German government to deny it! Shame on Merkel and shame on members of her government who continue to maintain diplomatic and economic relations with the Iranian regime that so proudly denies the Holocaust! German laws prohibit the denial of the Holocaust, but German government officials are hypocrites for failing to apply that same law and standard when it comes to the Iranian regime’s officials denying the Holocaust. The failure of Merkel and her officials to deny the Iranian regime’s open and proud anti-Semitism is either because of their greater desire for economic trade with the regime or because of a sinister tradition of anti-Semitism in Germany. The German nation and people should be among the first and most vocal critics of the Iranian regime’s anti-Semitism, instead of being their greatest apologists! For anyone, including the Germany government to ignore or deny the Iranian regime’s heinous anti-Semitic record and disgusting Holocaust denial, it is horrendous and must be fully condemned.