Thursday, October 31, 2019

Epstein death likely a homicide according to Dr. Baden, but NYC medical examiner defends suicide verdict

By Thomas Lifson

How gullible do the powers-that-be think we are?

Dr. Michael Baden, the renowned pathologist hired by the family of Jeffrey Epstein to attend his autopsy, examine evidence, and render an opinion, announced yesterday morning on Fox & Friends that he believes the evidence points to homicide, rather than the official verdict of suicide. The Chief Medical Examiner of New York City, Dr. Barbara Samson, is defending her verdict, stating, “The original medical investigation was thorough and complete. There is no reason for a second medical investigation by our office.”

Dr. Baden made several telling points that were not addressed by Dr. Samson, however. Baden referred to the fractures in Epstein’s neck that are consistent with strangulation, not with hanging from a low rope (in this case a ligature made from strips of a bed sheet – that should not have been in the cell but inexplicably was).

“I’ve not seen in 50 years where that occurred in a suicidal hanging case,” he said of the particular fractures found on Epstein’s neck.

Baden also noted that DNA tests on the ligature have not been released. If an attacker not wearing gloves had fashioned the ligature and strangled Epstein with it, there would be DNA on it. In addition, no evidence has been released abut DNA under Epstein’s fingernails which might have been ther had he fought off an attacker.

Baden revealed that at the time of the autopsy, the doctor overseeing the procedure “didn’t think there was enough information to say suicide,” and initially put the status of the case to “pending further study,” before changing it and publicly releasing the suicide ruling.

What other factors were brought to bear enabling the change of the verdict to suicide? We don’t know. But the lack of comment from Dr. Samson on the missing evidence cited by Dr. Baden raises suspicions in the eyes of those of us aware of how many powerful people Epstein could have brought down if he lived to cut a deal and testify.

If Epstein was assassinated while in federal custody, a lot of palms had to be greased (or threatened) in order to have guards conveniently asleep, surveillance cameras conveniently non-functional, suicide watch conveniently ended, a cellmate conveniently removed, and an assassin either recruited from the staff or inmates or infiltrated and exfiltrated while obtaining access to Epstein’s cell.

That is a lot of coincidences and a lot of evidence being withheld from the public.

I consider the possibility that Epstein actually killed himself in despair – despite speaking about his future shortly before his death – highly unlikely. Certainly, the Chief Medical Examiner of NYC owes the public a complete view of the evidence that caused her to move from the position taken during the autopsy, that there was not enough evidence for a verdict of suicide, to the official verdict of suicide. Absent such a complete airing, we are justified in assuming that a massive cover-up has been accomplished in order to protect people like Bill Clinton and Britain’s Prince Andrew, both known associates of Epstein and frequent visitors to his Orgy Island retreat, not to mention the assorted billionaires and celelrnities with whom he associated and whom he cultivated.

It is very unpleasant to have to ponder the theory that a cabal of our ruling class engaged in organized sexual exploitation of minors and that they have been able to protect themselves from discovery with an assassination operation extending to a federal prison and the authorities responsible for investigating it.

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