Thursday, January 02, 2020

WATCH: High school set on fire in Germany by shouting "Allah"

A gang of "young men", who, according to the video, are predominantly migrants from Turkish or Arabic cultures, had smashed the windows of the Albert-Schweitzer High School in Wolfsburg's Westhagen district and ignited fireworks in the classrooms, triggering the fire alarm. When police and firefighters arrived, they threw illegal firecrackers at them and fired rockets and fireworks ammunition from alarm guns into the classrooms. The firecrackers exploded through the destroyed windows directly in the classroom amongst the firefighters. Fortunately, the rescuers were not injured. Police officers from Braunschweig and Gifhorn were called in to assist, with whose assistance the situation could finally be brought under control. Four of the rioters, aged between 18 and 23, resisted arrest and had to be handcuffed. Three alarm guns with attachments for shooting fireworks ammunition were seized. These pistols were weapons requiring a permit, which may not be used on public roads and squares.

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